Kim So Eun Embraces adulthood

Kim So-eun (born 6 Sept, 1989) who has enjoyed great success after appearing on the hit drama Boys Before Flowers turns 20 this year! In an article in sidusHQ’s Magazine [ i(ai) ], Kim talks about her transition from teenager to adulthood. A Bar Mitzvah of sorts if you will.

Clutching 20 roses – to represent a year for each rose, Kim says “I really do not know if I become an adult this year. My parents are afraid to take a back seat (when it comes to making decisions) but I pray it will be thrilling. I feel liberated.”

When asked what she wants as a gift, Kim replied “I want to receive a camera. I like photography very much.”

Kim also expressed that she would like to travel to Greece. She would also like to go to Egypt and is interested in ancient civilizations. “I’ve only seen pyramids in photo books. I would like to see pyramids for real and touch them.”Kim talked briefly about her current projects i.e. the movie 4th Period Murder Mystery and up and coming KBS drama The Man Who Can’t Get Married. She asked her fans for their support, love and to cheer her on.

Kim will also be active at the of Republic of Korea International Youth Film Festival (3 – 6 June) as she has been appointed an ambassador at the event.

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Inside Ji Ho sunbae’s bag


What does Boys Before Flowers’ Ji-hoo sunbae (Kim Hyun-joong) carry in his bag?

In the 4th issue of HIGH CUT (하이컷) magazine, an article features the contents of Ji-hoo sunbae’s bag. Currently the most popular (and most handsome?) of the ss501 guys, Kim Hyun Joong’s bag contents is a hot topic.

So what’s in Ji-hoo’s bag?

* Samsung Anycall’s Haptic mobile phone – although he appears in the CF, Hyun-joong claims to have bought this phone with his own money
* A pair of stylish Louis Vuitton sunglasses
* Kiehls Lip Balm to keep his lips moist and kissable
* KRW 10,000 in his wallet
* A folded t-shirt
* 80 GB iPod touch

About High Cut Magazine

High Cut is a new magazine in South Korea. It cost KRW300 and is sold at most convenient stores in Korea. The first cover featured Lee Min-ho. Second issue featured Kim Hyun-Joong on the cover. Co-star Kim So-eun also appeared in a photo spread of the magazine 3rd issue. This magazine seems to be very pro-Boys Before Flowers and have been featuring one star from the drama or another in their issues so far. I guess they know what readers want and give it to them!

Credit: Kpopped!

Boys ove Flower stars guesting in SMAPxSMAP When will it be aired? Still in vain

boysbeforeflowerssmapxsFans who were looking forward to view the clip of the Korean F4 being interviewed on Japanese talk show SMAPxSMAP may be in for a disappointment. The pre-recorded show might not be broadcast because one of the host of the program was recently arrested for indecent exposure and all his materials have been pulled off air.

Japanese pop star Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (34) from the group SMAP was arrested early Thursday (April 23) morning for indecent exposure. Police found Kusanagi at Hinokicho Park, completely naked and heavily intoxicated at 3a.m. in the morning. The park is located near the nightlight district of Roppongi in Tokyo.

Kusanagi is one of the most high-profile entertainers in Japan, both as a singer and an actor. He is a member of the quintet SMAP and they have released more than 30 singles and 20 albums in their 18-year career.

Their popular TV show called SMAPxSMAP has kept the band in the limelight and Kusanagi has built a huge Korean fan base as well by learning to speak Korean and singing in the language.

The Association for Promotion of Digital Broadcasting has requested that Kusanagi’s TV commercials and programs stop airing.


F4 Five Years after


Since April 28 is fast approaching and everyone is excited of how the f4 music video will come out…What can you possibly think that is in store for us. Will we see Jun Pyo coddling his son? Will Woo Bin finally meet his partner for life? Will The SO-EUL couple follow JunPyo and Jandi’s fate? And finally will Jan Di’s soulmate Ji Hoo get to find his own love?

This will be some of the question that bothers a lot of people who can’t get enough of the Boys Over Flower mania. Days are moving so fast and who knows our questions will be answered as soon as we knew it will happen.

April out. Will we be happy or will we be sad?

Kim So Eun is here there and everywhere


But I’m not complaining in the least, because the 3rd issue of High Cut took off its veil finally and displayed Kim So Eun on their pages. The photoshoot matched her image very well in that it was very cheerful and luxurious. Because of her bright and sunny smile, Kim So Eun was praised by the staff with compliments like “So Eun before flowers“. During the interview, she stated, “The schedule for Boys Over Flowers was very tight so I was always tired, but after the last filming I wanted to act again because it was so much fun”.

Even though she’s still new, she’s been getting more and more job offers like 4th Period Murder Mystery and The Man Who Can’t Get Married. It’s surprising just how many offers Kim So Eun is getting, even though she only played a supporting role in Boys Over Flowers. But I suppose the fact that she’s getting more attention than Goo Hye Sun isn’t all that surprising – Kim So Eun was just too cute to resist in the drama, while Goo Hye Sun made me want to turn off the TV. But there is no doubt about it, Kim So Eun is the up-and-coming actress of the year smile by a mile.


Coincidentally as a show of her popularity, the previous two issues of the fledging newspaper magazine had featured fellow Boys Before Flowers co-stars, Kim Hyun Joong (2nd issue) and Lee Min Ho (debut issue). Kim Bum might be next?


Kim So EUn- Natural beauty

Old pictures of Kim So-eun, part of the cast of the hit drama ‘Boys over Flower’  have popped up on various portal sites in Korea. The critical netizens are actually complimenting her for her natural beauty and for avoiding the plastic surgery craze.

Really, how long will that last though? Especially in such a superficial place like the enetertainment industry? Aside from being blessed with good genes, the lucky Kim So-Eun will act along-side the oh-so-cute actor Yu Seung-ho (knowns as the little So Ji-sub) in the upcoming movie, “4th Period Mystery Zone”.

Kim So Eun’s Life after Boys Over Flower


Actress Kim So Eun was the celebrity pitcher invited to do the opening pitch for LG Twins as they took on Doosan Bears at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium on 12th April. Kim So Eun took to the pitch and did the opening pitch before the KBO baseball league game got underway. She looked really cute in her jersey with matching pink cap and sneakers.