Philippines Boys Over Flower Rating

May 28,2009 rating is out…

Boys Over Flowers (30.9%) vs Hole in the Wall (14.3%)

Having the four gorgeous boys in the primetime block…A good move for the station


Kim Joon to take on musical

Boys Over Flowers Kim Joon will take on musical.

After receiving much popularity acting as Song WooBin in KBS hit drama Boys Over Flowers and as a member of singer group T Max, he is casted for musical titled ‘Youth’s Journey’.

‘Youth’s Journey’ is a manga remake talking about Yeong ShimEe talking about the 33 years of his growing up, and will feature songs like Lee Seung Chul’s ‘Last Concert’, Lee Moon Sae’s ‘Flying into the deep blue night’, and Hyun Ji Yeon’s ‘You in the fading memory’ etc.

After the drama Boys Over Flowers ended, Kim Joon has not only been busy promoting within Korea but also overseas. And this will be his first attempt at musical.

He is double casted as the male lead together with Lee Jin Hoon who also did the musical Singles, and Lee Jung Mi and Kim Ji Woo have been casted as the female leads.

The musical will take place from 18th till 25th July.

source: kbites

F4 to F1?

It has been announced a few weeks back in Philippine television that the complete force from the four member flower group in a now popular TV show in the Philippines F4(korean F4) will go to the Philippines.

At first i saw this coming but ….How? The four of the main cast is now facing their own individual career. With the lead Lee Min Ho attending to non stop cf shoot and photoshoots, Kim Hyun Joong in an Asian tour with his band SS501, Kim Bum shooting for a new sreies and Kim Joon reaching out to fans as a member of the Korean trio group T-Max how can they be in the Philipppines in 10 weeks time? 5 weeks has passes and another 5 weeks to go but still no exact confirmation for F4 visiting the Philippines.

According to the grapevine only 1 member of the main cast can be present sometime in August. Who can that member be? That is something we should uncover…wild guess? KIM JOON! 2nd? KIM BUM.

Boys Over Flower Characters


A commoner who got into the lives of the famous people in Shinhwa High F4. He got into highschool through a coincidence that made her the heroine and tagged her as Shinhwa High’s Wonder Woman. She seemed to embraced the life of an ordinary student in the famous school until she couldn’t hold back her principles and entangled her life with the four richest boys in Korea! Her never say die principle will bring her far in getting hate,and love from the four boys in the series. A swimmer at heart and since her school doesn’t have a swimming pool facility she accepted the scholarship from Shinhwa High.

500266The leader of the famous untouchable in Shinhwa High…F4’s Goo Jun Pyo. A son of the richest family in Korea who technically owns every big share of whatever industry you are referring to. A childish and egoistic man who couldn’t accept rejection. A son of a wealthy family that is a master of martial arts and almost anything except swimmimgJun Pyo’s got natural curly hair, hot-tempered, but has an innocent heart. Although he can fluently speak 5 languages, he shows weakness on common sense and Korean vocabulary. Jun Pyo has simple and straight personality and relies upon intuition more rather than being rationalized. He may fear no one except his only sister that can tame him with one blow. He fell in love with Jan Di because of his sisters resemblance.

500335The grandson of the formal president of Korea,  the most attractive guy among F4. Ji Hoo is the heir of Su-am Cultural Foundation, Art Center, and Orchestra own by his family, and also a musician. He lost his parents at age of five when he got into a car accident. He overcomes the hardness with his first love, Seo Hyun. He became friends with Jan Di during her shouting session at the school rooftop.After his heartbreak with Seo Hyun he got the support from Jan Di and being her emergency bell Ji Hoo spent his time supporting and protecting Jan Di that turned into a love blossoming as their time together kept on counting.
500357The gifted potter and the successor of the prestigious family. Although Yi Jung has gained reputation for his talent for ceramics, he cannot take away the feeling that he is living a life of his brother. His brother abandoned the family to get away from the responsibilty as the first born and successor.This has given Yi Jung  a big responsibility for his ill mother and family reputation to maintain. This has made him into a playboy that cannot be contented with one woman. His weakness was overshadowed by his image as a romeo for  every juliet, but still kind hearted. Reasons for his character will be revealed for his every action their is a shadow of reason behind it.

500368The most flirtatious of the F4 group, Song Woo Bin is the son of giant corporation in the construction industry. Their business has been making waves because of sort of illegal networks. They have been promoted to the level of noble because of the success of their business. With his connection with the underworld he will be a big help for the love birds. In whatever aspect he maybe strong hysically just like Yi Jung he has a kind heart. Though he is powerful and rich he somewhat condemn his roots but his friendship with the boys make him through his sad side.

Boys Over Flower Synopsis

Since i have been recieving tons of request and am viewed by a lot of Filipino surfers i have decided to write some synopsis of the episodes of Boys Over Flower. I can not comment on the daily episodes in the Philippines since i have no access to do so and couldn’t understand their dubbing. Here is for those Filipinas and Filipino who crosses this site…


F4- the group people from Shinhwa High feared of.

“This is not just an ordinary high school. It’s hell. Have you ever heard of F4? Once you mark as the target and get the ‘Red Card’ from them, you become a loner and the whole school starts bullying.”

Jan Di is a Laudromat owner’s daughter that through a leap of faith went to Shinhwa high to deliver their washed clothes to one of it’s student. Apparently the person she was looking for was being bullied after recieving a RED card from F4. She saves this student and becam the heroine.

Due to some criticism the administrator of the school decided to get Jan Di to enroll in the school as a scholar to make issues subside due to protest of hoe this schol can ruin a students future because of it’s system

Jan Di meets four rich and good-looking boys known as ‘F4(Flower 4)’,who cause trouble to those who speak out against them. Jan Di, who has strong sense of justice, cannot bear the saucy behavior of Goo Jun Pyo, the leader of F4, and does not bring herself to his knees. The next day, she finds ‘Red Card’ inside her locker and whole school starts bulling her…

Haptic Mission OST2

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Prior to season 2, the title song is released, which is composed by Lee JaeMyung, who also composed for SNSD and Lyn’s ‘Love is all a lie’. He exquisitely put together a 42-person strings band with funky electric rhythm, and the song is a hybrid styled dance song. Especially for SS501 who are about to come-back in the summer this year, it gathered anticipations from fans who have the opportunity to listen to the 5 member’s fascinating voices before their official album is released.

The music video which will be released together with the song is filmed by famous photographer Kang YoungHo, together with Jo SunHee, and will be presenting Lee MinHo, Son DamBi, Kim HyunJoong, Kim Joon in a star image catalogue style. It will be focused on making the photo images with the concept that each individual star comes out with, just like the contents in season 2.

Season 2 of Anycall new employee adventure will be released online ( on 27-May and through cable channel Mnet. TV commercial of the preview will be available online from 20-May.

One more (yes, more) Boys Before Flowers special video

source: OSEN
translations: dramabeans

First off, in case you were still wondering what’s up with the last half of the “F4 Special Edition After Story” music drama, for no explained reason the release was pushed back. (Parts 1 and 2 with Kim Bum and Kim Joon indicated we could expect Parts 3 and 4 to air on May 5, but they are now being released tomorrow instead, May 19.)

Seeing as how the public has been so eager to welcome the F4 boys in photo shoots and CFs and new projects, they are putting out a 50-minute “making of” video of the special edition project, which will air on cable channel Mnet on May 19, 6pm.

The Video is set to be release on May 25.