Boys ove Flower stars guesting in SMAPxSMAP When will it be aired? Still in vain

boysbeforeflowerssmapxsFans who were looking forward to view the clip of the Korean F4 being interviewed on Japanese talk show SMAPxSMAP may be in for a disappointment. The pre-recorded show might not be broadcast because one of the host of the program was recently arrested for indecent exposure and all his materials have been pulled off air.

Japanese pop star Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (34) from the group SMAP was arrested early Thursday (April 23) morning for indecent exposure. Police found Kusanagi at Hinokicho Park, completely naked and heavily intoxicated at 3a.m. in the morning. The park is located near the nightlight district of Roppongi in Tokyo.

Kusanagi is one of the most high-profile entertainers in Japan, both as a singer and an actor. He is a member of the quintet SMAP and they have released more than 30 singles and 20 albums in their 18-year career.

Their popular TV show called SMAPxSMAP has kept the band in the limelight and Kusanagi has built a huge Korean fan base as well by learning to speak Korean and singing in the language.

The Association for Promotion of Digital Broadcasting has requested that Kusanagi’s TV commercials and programs stop airing.



Boys Before Flower is not yet over-Music Video in the works


The beloved F4 consisting of Lee Minho, Kim Hyun Joong (tentative), Kim Bum, and Kim Joon from hit KBS‘ drama “Boys Before Flowers” will join forces again to release a music drama (aka a long music video) which will continue the story five years after the last scene in the drama.

Crazy fans are  already jumping to conclusions thinking about all types of scenarios based on the teaser which shows three of the four boys returning to Shinhwa Academy to reminisce.

With so little information given in the teaser, all fans can now really do is pick their nose and wait for either leaked footage or photos . The actual video is expected to air on April 28, 2009.

Looks like KBS and the other companies are really trying to squeeze out every penny from the money train.

F4 & Jandi will be appearing on a Japanese LIVE television program on 15th April

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The cast will be arriving in Japan on the 15th of April. They will be appearing on the Live television program called ‘SAKASEUSANG’ held at Tokyo’s Japanese Broadcasting station TBS to promote the Korean Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers)’s charm right after they arrive.

After the program, they will also be appearing on other special production activites and they will also be holding mini interactive activities with the fans.

The official fans meeting session will be held on the 16th at Domsitinae’s JCB Hall. The singers featured on the OST – SS501 and T-MAX will be performing at the fans meeting session.

These activites are prepared for the commencement of the Boys Over Flowers drama which will broadcast over Mnet on the 12th.

TBS will be also broadcasting this series in July to attract the students who will be having their holidays then. TBS was the station who broadcasted the Japanese version of Boys Over Flowers.

credit : BOF Singapore

A Sweet Day With Kim Bum

1aOn the afternoon of April 12, Kim Beom held a fan meeting in Korea. ‘Kim Beom, With Sweet Day’ took place for three hours at Kwangwoo University’s Culture Centre. Approximately 600 fans were in attendance, including some from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and even Guatemala. The event was emceed by comedian Byun Ki Soo.

Kim Beom entered singing Shin Seung Hun’s classic, “I Believe”, and made the crowd erupt into cheers. After he spoke a few words of greeting, there was a cake-cutting to celebrate three years since his debut. Fans presented him with 600 paper roses that they folded for him. A question and answer period followed.

When asked what he believes is his attractive quality is, Kim answered with a shy laugh, “Many people tell me that it’s my smiling appearance.” He said that Zo In Sung has been [one of his] favorite actors for awhile, and he hopes that he can be like Zo who debuted at a similar age (as Kim). If Kim had to choose between love and friendship, he admitted that he would choose love. Kim Beom also told the crowd that he would work hard to give happiness to his fans and the many people around him that he’s grateful to.

His Boys Over Flowers castmates, Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon, were also present to give Kim Beom support at the fan meeting. Kim Hyun Joong showed up for an hour, while Kim Joon was there with his fellow T-Max members to perform the theme song from Boys Over Flowers, “Paradise”.

Kim Hyun Joong said about his friend, “While watching East of Eden, I thought that [Beom] is someone who is good at acting with anger and with tears. When I saw him in real life, his face was really small and he had a force as an actor.” Continuing on about their friendship, he explained, “We became close through doing Boys Over Flowers together. We play soccer together, go to [each other’s] houses, and are enjoying ourselves.”

Kim Joon admitted, “At first, it seemed like he’d be arrogant (laughter), I quickly realized that he was a warm and bright person. He’s a very good person who is also quite mischievous.”

This was also the first time that that Kim Beom’s personal track from the Boys Over Flowers OST, “I’m Going Right Now To Meet [Her]” (loosely translated from “지금 만나러 갑니다”), was revealed to the public.

Kim was moved to tears near the end of the meeting, when fans presented him with a five-minute video clip they had prepared. He expressed his thanks, saying that he’s faced difficulty lately but has gained strength through the fans’ love.

He wrapped up the event stating to his fans, “I will try hard so that I can give more joy to all of you who believe in me despite my inadequacy and send me lots of love.”

Kim Beom reportedly gave all of the staff a scare by plopping down (almost like collapsing into a sitting position) as soon as he entered the waiting room at the end of the event. According to a source, Kim had to receive two shots the day before and one shot the day of [the fan meeting] because of his weak body condition. Another source also said that Kim has had trouble even speaking due to swollen tonsils. However, he wanted to keep his appointment with his fans and gave his all while hosting the three-hour fan meeting.

Kim Beom went to New York for a week-long working holiday at the beginning of this month. He is heading over to Tokyo on April 15 along with the rest of F4, Ku Hye Sun, SS501, and T-Max. Upon his return to Korea following the promotional activities for Boys Over Flowers‘ Japanese premiere, Kim Beom will begin filming for Flight (Fly Up; 비상) with Kim Byul on April 20.

Source: KPculture

F4 Heads To Japan

Boys Before Flowers may be over in Korea, but it’s still got its overseas markets in which to promote itself.

Gu Hye-sun and F4 guys Lee Min-ho, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon are headed to Japan; they’ll arrive in Tokyo on April 15 to make a live television appearance, then hold an event to greet the press and meet fans in person.

The official cast fanmeeting will occur on April 16 in Tokyo Dome City at JCB Hall, at which the two kpop groups SS501 and T-Max will be present to give a special live performance of their songs from the drama soundtrack with actor-bandmates Kim Hyun-joong and Kim Joon.

Boys Before Flowers premieres on Japanese television on April 12, on the Korean specialty channel Mnet. Following that Mnet run, TBS will broadcast the drama on national broadcast television beginning in July.

source: dramabeans


f41It will present an opportunity to obtain their personal items

Good Neighbors, an international charity, said Wednesday that the stars of the recent KBS2 hit drama “Boys over Flowers” — Kim Beom, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Joon, Ku Hye-sun and Lee Min-ho — donated their personal prized items to a charity auction for poor children.

Hosted by the online bookstore Libro and sponsored by KBS and Group Eight, the production company of “Boys over Flower,” the auction will be held on the bookstore’s website from April 8 to 21 under two themes: “Junpyo and Jandi Day” (April 8-14) and “F4 Day” (April 15-21). Junpyo and Jandi are the names of the leading male and female roles, respectively, and F4 refers to the four male protagonists.

The items donated include clothes, purses, and watches as well as clothes and accessories used for the drama. Yoko Kamio, the writer of the original comic book that the drama is based on, donated her illustration works bearing her autograph.

All proceeds will go to Good Neighbors’ campaign to send poor children around the world to school.

KBS Global

Lee Min Ho brings some sexiness with Jessica Gomez

__126311It was known that Lee Min Ho did the filming of a beer CF with Jessica Gomez on 17th March in Seoul. But the concept to the CF is not revealed until recently when photos of him for the CF started surfacing on online discussion boards.

In the photos revealed, Lee Min Ho totally shed the ‘Goo Joon Pyo‘ image in drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ and was seen in smoky makeup and eyeliner. He had also what looks like a rocker hairstyle, showing a wild side of him, which took netizens by pleasant surprise by his transformation.

Netizens’ responses to this was, “Is this really Lee Min Ho?”, “This is the first time I see him like that”.

source: kbites

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