Junjin to enlist On OCt 22,2009


Group ShinHwa JunJin (29) will be enlisting for his military services. Coming 22nd October, JunJin will be reporting for his military duties in GyeongGiDo UlJangBoo. After receiving the basic training, JunJin will be serving as a public interest service personnel.

Previously, JunJin has been postponing enlisting for his military service on reasons of health issue as he have hurt his waist earlier. And this time, upon receiving his military warrant, he applied for postponement for the 3rd time, but for the 29-year-old, it will be harder for him to postpone it one more time.

Because of that, he has not been anticipating much from the postponment application and it was seen as his last appearance on MBC Infinite Challenge filming on 15th October. written by:sookyeong


Jung Hyun Don Getting Married

Jung Hyung Don and girlfriend Han Yu Ra have set a wedding date! After formally introducing their families on June 9, they have set September 12 as their wedding date although the venue has yet to be decided.

The two met last year while working together on the SBS show Mystery Commando – he as a host and she as a scriptwriter. (She currently writes for MBC’s 오늘 밤만 재워줘 – loosely translated as Let Me Stay Over Tonight.)

Although they began dating around October of 2008, the relationship was not publicized until this past April. Two of Jung’s Infinity Challenge co-hosts – Jung Joon Ha and Noh Hong Chul – also revealed their relationships this year.

Credit: KPculture
It was announced today that Jung Hyung Don, after experiencing 2 make-believe marriages on MBC We Got Married, will be getting married for real this time in 3 months time. The lucky bride is none other than Han Yu Ra, and no big surprise really, after it was revealed in April that they have already been dating since October 2008.

A representative from TN Entertainment revealed to the media that the 2 had met while working on SBS Mystery Commando last year and proceeded into a dating relationship. They have already gotten the blessings from their respective families in May and will be tying the knot on 12th September. The representative added, “The date has been confirmed but they have not started preparations for it yet. Jung Hyung Don himself has expressed that he will take full advice from his wife-to-be on how to go about making their wedding ceremony to be an unforgettable memory for them both.”

This has been an eventful week for Infinity Challenge members, after Noh Hong Chul was revealed to be in a dating relationship with Jang Yoon Jung just days earlier. Jeon Jun Ha had revealed earlier in March that he was currently dating an air stewardess. With Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung Soo already married, it means that JunJin is the only member who hasn’t found (?) his partner and yet to serve the army also.

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Did you know Junjin released a single?


Yeah, neither did I. I mean seriously…when is this guy enlisting? Isn’t he like 37? Noooo…I’m not dissing Shinhwa, calm down. But let’s be realistic here, yes?

For his comeback, Jun Jin released an entire mini-album titled, “Fascination” that came out on Thursday. His first single off of the album, “Hey Ya” also features Son Dam Bi and Bigtone. And just a few days before his comeback “Show! Music Core” performance, Jun Jin joined the ranks of other crippled stars by injuring his wrist from beating the bologna…this didn’t stop him from performing on the 7th with Dam Bi by his side.

Also featured on the album is his fake, “We Got Married!” wife Lee Shi Young, who sings on the track “Like a Fool”…which I actually kind of like.

Check them out and thanks to soomii for the tip!

article and credits from allkpop

HEY YA! Junjin’s comeback

True to his image as Korea’s counterpart to US Justin Timberlake, Junjin had his comeback as a singer thru his single Hey ya! featuring Son Dam Bi. A very different image from his wardrobe in Wa. A very hippie Junjin made his comeback in MBC’s Music Core.

With this new image on the works lets hope this will bring him to the flatform of a true entertainer as a soloist JUNJIN away from Shinhwa’s Junjin. This single may bring Junjin on the level of success with his fellow Shinhwa member Shin Hyesung and M Minwoo.

Wait and see to wherever Hey Ya can bring him!

JUNJIN injures self for “fascination”

How?  Well, work has led to injuries.

Jun Jin will unleash his new mini-album ‘Fascination’ both online and offline on May 14th. But at his press conference on May 6th, Jun-jin revealed that he injured his wrist in the same area twice and also hurt his toe while rehearsing the dance for his new single, “Hey! Ya”. Not only that, he was just released from the hospital earlier that morning after getting surgery for his injured toe and is also scheduled to have surgery on wrist this coming 11th. Despite his injuries, the dropped ‘We got married” (WGM) cast member will make his comeback on ‘MBC-Music Core’ on May 9th.

Hopefully the now “ahjussi” pop idol isn’t making a bad move by making his comeback with a cast on his foot. Surely, his fans won’t be happy if his injuries get any worse. Now that Jun-jin has raked in some younger fans through the variety show ‘WGM’, maybe this time his mini-album won’t be as much of a failure as his previous song ‘Wa’. Well, with Son Dam-bi featuring in his new title track ‘Hey! Ya’ and his “wife”, Lee Si-young, featuring in the song and MV for the track ‘Like a dummy’, he’s probably going to get some attention.

Junjin Injures wrist ahead of his comeback


News went out that singer JunJin has recently injured his wrist.

His company revealed on the 2nd, “Ahead of his comeback, JunJin had hurt his wrist while exercising.”

It is set for JunJin to have his comeback stage on 9th on MBC Music Core. His company representative also revealed that the doctor had advised for JunJin to undergo operation for his wrist, which will take up to 6 weeks to recover. But because his comeback date is pushing near, he will just have to go ahead with his comeback plans.

What’s worse was that right after he got injured, the next day he was set to do filming for his album jacket on 1st May and the filming of his MV on 2nd.

JunJin’s new minialbum will be released on 7th May.

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Junjin New Album Promotion

untitled-13-1Source: Arts News + Six Senses + UFO Town
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa + shinhwa.biz

Enjoying a consistent level of popularity with appearances in variety shows ‘Infinite Challenge’ and ‘We Got Married’, the eternal idol Junjin will be interacting in real time with fans from 23 April onwards, with the launch of the fixed-line/wireless fan letter service on UFO Town (www.ufotown.com).

This UFO Town service will enable fans and stars to interact by sending fan letters, be it text messages or images, to each other, and many fans and other stars such as Super Junior, Wonder Girls, SNSD and Big Bang are also using this service. Fans who wish to send Junjin a text message or a picture message can do so by sending the message to #7000-8838.

On the other hand, to celebrate Junjin joining the service, UFO Town will be organizing an event, “Listen to the new song and FLY”, which will end on 30th April. Fans will hear Junjin’s new song on the 26th April episode of MBC’s We Got Married, and then send a cheering text message [전진신곡대박] (Wishing Junjin success for his new song) at #7000-8838. Participants will then enter a lucky draw where they stand to win a Polaroid photo and a copy of the album personally autographed by Junjin.

Junjin will be communicating in real time with his own portable UFO unit from his office and from the rehearsal studio, and he will be personally sending the replies. After this event is over, fans can continue to use this service to send messages directly to their favorite stars.

Junjin says, “I’ve been receiving the love and support from fans for more than 10 years since my debut, and I hope I can build a closer connection to the fans with this service.”