F4 Trip to the Philippines


Sure is the Philippines is captured and mesmerized by the Korean F4 wave! The network that hold the franchise of the popular Korean series has now decided to bring not 1 ,not 3 nor 3 but 4 of the popular guys to the Philippines. It was announced that they are bring the Boys Over Flower stars to the Philippines in 6-8 weeks time.

Lee Min Ho(Goo Jun Pyo), Kim Hyun Joong(Joo Ji Ho),Kim Bum(Seo EE Jung), And Kim Joon (Song Woo Bin) will be visiting the fans of the now half Korean country. Boys Over Flower now holds the most critical timeslot on Philippine television formerly vacated by the inovator Meteor Garden. It’s popularity now roars and soared every Filipino is now hooked with the series and will soon be seeing the stars face to face.

Lets wait and see, will the network be able to pay the price of bringing the 4 guys in the country with one blow? It will be hard to get these four boys to reunite soon since they are into their individual commitments. With Hyun Joong currently recording an album in America and soon be having a concert tour with his fellow SS501 band, Kim Joon having his own stint with T-Max, Kim Bum with a new drama and Lee Min-Ho traveling all over for photoshoots and CFs. Maybe the network has already got a slot for the four since 8 weeks is still a long wait.


F4 BOF Special album now out


List Songs F4 Special .

credit: http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=f4&am…0513&page=2
비워내기/김준 ( Kim joon)

지금 만나러 갑니다/김범 ( kim bum)

숨겨봐도 안되는 마음/이지혜 ( Lee ji hye)

널 사랑해/티맥스 ( T-max)

나쁜마음을 먹게해/티맥스(3가지 버전) ( Tmax )

행복이란/김현중 ( Kim Hyun Joong )

가슴이 어떻게 됐나봐/A&T ( A& T)

나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Ballad ver.) ( T-Max)

나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Dance ver.)( T-Max )

널 사랑해 (Bang Bang Boom)( T-Max)

Boys Before Flowers Japan Promotions in Vain?

Korean drama Boys Before Flowers promotion in Japan recently might be severely affected following the arrest of SMAP member, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi early this morning on suspicion of public indecency in a park in Tokyo’s Minato-ku. He was apparently seen naked and sitting in the park by a local resident at 3am this morning who called the police subsequently. When cornered by the police, Kusanagi who appeared to be severely intoxicated shouted out incomprehensible statements and even said, “What’s so bad about being naked?”. He was subsequently hauled off to the police station and has admitted to the allegations filed against him.

What implications does this have for Boys Before Flowers? Programs hosted by Kusanagi including SMAPXSMAP, etc could be stopped. And this does not affect just Boys Before Flowers only because the programs that Kusanagi hosts are representative programs that introduce Korean stars to Japanese viewers. This is not only a big blow to Japanese tv stations but also to Korean stars doing promotions in Japan. But Boys Before Flowers will be the worst hit at the moment as they had visited Japan not too long ago for promotions. Because of this unfortunate incident, their recording of SMAPXSMAP might not see daylight at all, rendering their Japan promotions meaningless and severely hampering the success of the drama broadcast in Japan. Discussions are now underway between the various tv stations.

All is not lost though, as the Boys Before Flowers cast have recorded a 30 minute talkshow with TBS Sakasusan. Initially it was mistaken that F4 and Goo Hye Sun were given less than two minutes of air-time. But it was later made known that they had arrived late for the live show and had only arrived at the very last moment. The 30 minute talkshow recorded after the end of the live broadcast will be shown very soon.

source: coolsmurf

Korean F4 on Japanese talk show

boys-over-flowers-0441Korean F4 (Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon) and Gu Hye Sun went to Japan on April 15 to promote their drama Boys Before Flowers. They appeared in a Japanese talk show called Sakaseusang. The TBS Sakaseusang live TV talk show was shot in Akasaka, Japan.

F4 and Gu Hye Sun arrived just minutes before the live talkshow came to an end. Fans were quite disappointed to only be able to see the Korean actors for only 2 minutes. The host only managed to squeeze in a couple of questions to Kim Hyun Joong who replied in Japanese. He’s the only one who is fluent in Japanese.

After the program went off air, it has been reported that there was an additional 30 minutes where the Boys Before Flowers cast were interviewed and interacted with fans. The 30-minute clip has yet to be aired on Sakaseusang. However, below are some of the questions that were asked…

Where do you want to go first in Japan?

Kim Bum & Lee Min Ho: Harajuku
Kim Joon: Roppongi
Gu Hye Sun: Ueno Park
Kim Hyun Joong: Because I love beef, I really want to try deopbapin 덮밥인 famous beef bowl, “gyudong” 규동(牛丼) that I heard it’s very delicious (KHY replied in fluent Japanese)

Do you have any memorable memories in Japan?

Lee Min Ho: I’ve been to Nolreoon 2 years ago with a friend, and I didn’t know how expensive the taxi fare was from Tokyo airport to Shibuya. That was the price I won’t ever forget. (laughs)

[ The cab fare from the airport to downtown Shibuya is a close equal to the price of a round-trip air fare from Korea – Japan!]

What are your memories after working on the drama?

Kim Joon: Everyone was friendly on the set.
Kim Bum: Although the shooting schedule was physically and mentally taxing, it was a happy and fun time for me.
Lee Min Ho: Since the drama was shot in winter, many of us were suffering from cold. There was even one scene where I had to jump into a swimming pool on a cold wintry night. Because of that, i was eventually admitted to the hospital for a couple of days!
Kim Hyun Joong: I suffered from lack of sleep and was pretty much exhausted during the filming of the drama.

Lastly, Gu Hye Sun was asked who is her favourite F4 member and she replied Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong. (I’m not surprised…because those are the two she had to work the most with, and whom she had to kiss too! 😉

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Kim Hyun Joong 2nd Bae Yong Jun?


[From Certain Blog] May Kim Hyun Joong be the second of Bae Yong Jun?

May Kim Hyun Joong be the second of Bae Yong Jun?

Is it winner who smile in the last in all game? In the Boys over Flower which makes much noise, Gu Jun Pyo is the most attractive character in the former part, but nobody can disagree that Yun Ji Hoo is the much most attractive character in the latter part. In the beginning, most people worried that ‘can it be unpopular Louis in the first?’, but Kim Hyun Joong became a fireman of only Jan Di and captivate televiewers with wiping out anxiety after changing hair style called chestnut hair. Is it that Jun Pyo is happy ending but Ji Hoo is not? After Boy’s over Flower finished, aftereffect for Ji Hoo is much more than Jun Pyo. Also fandom tendency reflect that kinds phenomenon. The typical example is his bag was knocked down for 2.5 million won in charity auction. The bag can’t be said he designed but can be said it looks like the fourth dimension style scribble (extraordinary scribble). And also the original author of Boys over flower, YOKO KAMIO praised him for the second Bae Yong Jun. Especially if Hyun Joong can be the second of Bae Yong Jun after BOF televised in Japan just like YOKO’s saying (actually she is enthusiastic fan of Bae Yong Jun), the possibility of the Korean Wave enter upon a new phase is so high.

In Japan, there are representative Korean Wave stars- Bae Yong Jun, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Young Ae, and Song Seung Heon. But among them, only Bae Yong Jun earn the money in substance by Korean Wave. The problem is there is a weak point. The main part of the Korean Wave in Japan is the elderly owing to ‘Winter Sonata’, so purchasing power is high but tremendous popularity is low. What is more, the Korean Wave stars, Bae Yong Jun (37), Choi Ji Woo (34), Lee Young Ae (38), and Song Seung Heon (33), are getting older. If the Korean Wave keeps going and show the power, the base should be enlarged and wide. However, the reverse phenomenon happens because the main representative Korean Wave stars are aging. In this place, there is no hit work after ‘The Great Jang-geum (2003)’ and ‘Legend (2007)’ which is planned to target the Korean Wave was ruined, that’s why the Korean Wave power is getting weak. Therefore we need big hit star and big hit work following Bae Yong Jun and ‘The Great Jang-geum’ for keeping on the Korean Wave.
By the way, Kim Hyung Joong can be solved these problems at once. According as the fact that darama production said they will upgrade the quality for exporting and Boy’s over Flower’ will broadcast through public channel not cable channel, if Boys over Flower goes a bomb, Gu Jun Pyo and Yun Ji Hoo should become the Korean Wave star. Personally, I have more expectation Kim Hyun Joong(Yun Ji Hoo) than Lee Min Ho(Gu Jun Pyo), because Kim Hyun Joong already entered to Japan by SS501. In other words, Kim Hyun Joong can communicate and take various active parts by idol SS501, but Lee Min Ho can take signing at most. Were if Bae Yong Jun idol singer as well as Actor? The Korean Wave must have developed totally different phase. It can make enormous popularity with running into fan directly rather than using attendant business-Photo book, lunch box business, and restaurant etc. But Kim Hyun Joong can do that.

Expect there is what advantage if the leading of Korean Wave pass from backbone actor Bae Yong Jun to verdant idol Kim Hyun Joong. Firstly frequency of contact increases by far and the Korean Wave can be prolonged as age of fan in Japan become young. And also other members of SS501 can be Korean Wave star owing to Kim Hyun Joong and then other Korean idol singer also have a more chance to enter Japan owing to SS501. Exactly, in Japan when the elderly woman fans indulged in Bae Yong Jun, they also see the other Korean actor, so what we called the four greatest kings are made. As like that, the young can indulge in starting from SS501, Kim Hyung Joong to other Korean idol singers in comparison with Jhonnys. Just before ‘Winter Sonata’ start the Korean Wave, nobody expect it can success in Japan. Of course it is so hard to catch the chance in Japan because of perfect idol system in Japan, but if it stars again through Kim Hyun Joong and ‘Boys over Flower’, there is no rule that they can’t catch Korean Wave in idol world. Moreover idol group can more contact Japanese public in various fields unlike actors who are limited contact field. It means that Korean Wave star’s activity will develop totally different aspect from now on.

The situation is not bad, because a few big entertainer offices monopolize idol world in Japan. Especially in the man’s idol world, the main is Jhonnys office whose groups are SMAP, ARASHI, and NEWS etc. It’s like Tong Vang Xin Que, Super Junio, Shinee in Korea man’s idol world. No matter how Tong Vang Xin Que and Shinee are good idol groups, it’s tedious to see only a few idols of SM office, isn’t it? It must be true that there is certain craving to see other idol groups not only Jhonnys office’s group. Actually there is a evidence to reflect that kinds craving. It is activities of Tong Vang Xin Que in Japan through Avex office which make woman singers mainly. If Kim Hyun Joong(Yun Ji Hoo) and Boy over Flower make a big hit in Japan, SS501 can accomplish results at once which Tong Vang Xin Que made trough experience hard time for a long time. Together with SS501, other idol group like Big Bang can enter into Japan much more easy and cushy.

Of course there are differences inner viewpoint and outer viewpoint sufficiently. But nobody can expect that a woman Korean single singer can succeed in Japan before Boa’s success. Also nobody can expect Korean Wave Boom will happen in Japan before ‘Winter Sonata’ and Bae Yong Jun succeeded. Nobody can expect the result without doing. When you beat at the door, you can know whether the door opens or not. Fortunately, Boy over Flower has advanced situation. Basically the story is already well known in Japan, so if absorbing power of character is enough, the possibility of success is high. In Korea’s version of Boy over Flower, there is Kim Hyun Joong who is the real picture of Louis. Moreover when it televises in Japan, it is dubbed in Japanese by dubbing artist. That means it can cover his weak point acting ability. In fact, the response of Japanese for Korea’s version of Boy over Flower was enthusiastic about Yun Ji Hoo. The best results is that all F4 and Gu Hye Sun can be star, but if only one can be star, I hope it’s very Kim Hyun Joong personally. Because the rest are just can do activity just like Bae Yong Jun, but Kim Hyun Joong can make totally different paradigm of Korean Wave until now. Therefore, if Kim Hyun Joong can be a big Korean Wave star following Bae Yong Jun, there is no doubt Korean Wave can set in the second term.

Source – http://jamja.tistory.com/1296

Credit : kimhyunjoong.net

A Sweet Day With Kim Bum

1aOn the afternoon of April 12, Kim Beom held a fan meeting in Korea. ‘Kim Beom, With Sweet Day’ took place for three hours at Kwangwoo University’s Culture Centre. Approximately 600 fans were in attendance, including some from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and even Guatemala. The event was emceed by comedian Byun Ki Soo.

Kim Beom entered singing Shin Seung Hun’s classic, “I Believe”, and made the crowd erupt into cheers. After he spoke a few words of greeting, there was a cake-cutting to celebrate three years since his debut. Fans presented him with 600 paper roses that they folded for him. A question and answer period followed.

When asked what he believes is his attractive quality is, Kim answered with a shy laugh, “Many people tell me that it’s my smiling appearance.” He said that Zo In Sung has been [one of his] favorite actors for awhile, and he hopes that he can be like Zo who debuted at a similar age (as Kim). If Kim had to choose between love and friendship, he admitted that he would choose love. Kim Beom also told the crowd that he would work hard to give happiness to his fans and the many people around him that he’s grateful to.

His Boys Over Flowers castmates, Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon, were also present to give Kim Beom support at the fan meeting. Kim Hyun Joong showed up for an hour, while Kim Joon was there with his fellow T-Max members to perform the theme song from Boys Over Flowers, “Paradise”.

Kim Hyun Joong said about his friend, “While watching East of Eden, I thought that [Beom] is someone who is good at acting with anger and with tears. When I saw him in real life, his face was really small and he had a force as an actor.” Continuing on about their friendship, he explained, “We became close through doing Boys Over Flowers together. We play soccer together, go to [each other’s] houses, and are enjoying ourselves.”

Kim Joon admitted, “At first, it seemed like he’d be arrogant (laughter), I quickly realized that he was a warm and bright person. He’s a very good person who is also quite mischievous.”

This was also the first time that that Kim Beom’s personal track from the Boys Over Flowers OST, “I’m Going Right Now To Meet [Her]” (loosely translated from “지금 만나러 갑니다”), was revealed to the public.

Kim was moved to tears near the end of the meeting, when fans presented him with a five-minute video clip they had prepared. He expressed his thanks, saying that he’s faced difficulty lately but has gained strength through the fans’ love.

He wrapped up the event stating to his fans, “I will try hard so that I can give more joy to all of you who believe in me despite my inadequacy and send me lots of love.”

Kim Beom reportedly gave all of the staff a scare by plopping down (almost like collapsing into a sitting position) as soon as he entered the waiting room at the end of the event. According to a source, Kim had to receive two shots the day before and one shot the day of [the fan meeting] because of his weak body condition. Another source also said that Kim has had trouble even speaking due to swollen tonsils. However, he wanted to keep his appointment with his fans and gave his all while hosting the three-hour fan meeting.

Kim Beom went to New York for a week-long working holiday at the beginning of this month. He is heading over to Tokyo on April 15 along with the rest of F4, Ku Hye Sun, SS501, and T-Max. Upon his return to Korea following the promotional activities for Boys Over Flowers‘ Japanese premiere, Kim Beom will begin filming for Flight (Fly Up; 비상) with Kim Byul on April 20.

Source: KPculture

Korea’s Flower Boy Lee Min Ho

Lee, however, is no falling star. In fact, he is Korea’s biggest name to come out of the entertainment scene this year following his appearance as the male lead in Boys Over Flowers. The Korean drama is the newest version of the popular Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango to hit the television screens. The drama has helped launch careers of Asian stars, especially those acting the male lead, a role that was previously played by Taiwan’s Jerry Yan (Meteor Garden) and Japan’s Jun Matsumoto (Hana Yori Dango). Yan went on to become one of the first pan-Asian idols while Matsumoto went on to do the movie version, which was a hit across the region. Lee is a model-turned-actor like Yan and fans of the franchise have even pointed out his physical resemblance to the Taiwanese heartthrob. This is Lee’s biggest break so far and playing Goo Joon Pyo (Dao Ming Si in the Taiwan version and Domyoji Tsukasa in the Japanese version) has assured him that he won’t be languishing in anonymity for long. Lee debuted in 2005 in the drama Love Hymn, appearing as a minor character. His first lead role came in 2007 in Mackerel Run, an 8-part high-school drama. Playing the rich spoiled brat in Boys Over Flowers could be anyone’s trump card, a surefire way to stardom and Lee is sowing the fruits of that now, with many endorsements including Levi’s, LG Telecom, Samsung Anycall, Trugen, Market O, Cadillac CTS, Samsung, Cass beer and Dunkin’ Donuts. Aside from acting, Lee has also received an offer to do a digital single as part of an advertisement for Cass beer. This more or less resembles the career path that the Taiwanese cast took, leading them to form a boy group named F4 after the same name in the drama. In a recent interview, Lee displayed a tenacity that he would need once he becomes more famous. “Victory is not as important as possessing a fighting spirit. My motto is to not give up even if I fail. I think to have that attitude is just beautiful.” (Source: Asiaone )