Kim Bum CF shoot in Manila might be delayed


From his arrival in the Philippines to the days of his stay Kim Bum hasn’t been sighted much due to the arrival of another typhoon in the Philippines.

Today October 2, 2009 Kim Bum is schedule to film some scenes for is upcoming commercial film opposite Maja Salvador. Staffs and crew are currently having some difficulties in going to the filming location in Paco Manila to an undiscosed basketball court for the shoot.

Days before Kim Bum arrived the metropolis suffered from the outraged of typhoon KETSANA that also caused FT Island(Band) of Korea stranded in Cebu. Another Typhoon is arriving and we are hopeful that Kim Bum will finish his commitments and schedules in the Philippines safe and sound.



Lee Min Ho wishes everyone a happy chuseok


Lee Min Ho dressed up in Korean traditional clothes and posed for pictures to wish everyone a Happy Chuseok! We already got to see what T-ara and f(x) looks like in Hanbok and now it’s the flower boy Lee Min Ho’s turn!

He sends his greetings, “Everyone be healthy and stay warm this season!” Dressed up in a nice purple hanbok, Lee Min Ho showed a new side of him to his fans.

When asked what it was like to wear hanbok he said, “This is the first time since last New Years! This hanbok is so pretty, the color, the fabric and the pattern! This Chuseok, I want to dress in hanbok and spend time with my family.”

Lee Min Ho has been keeping himself busy with a picture book, a Japan event, and traveling all around Asia meeting his fans. We all know that his popularity keeps growing and growing and he feels thankful for this, “I am so thankful for everyone who are looking out for me. Right now, I am trying to prepare what I should do in the future. Nothing is settled yet but I want to meet everyone once again with a great new project. I’m having so much trouble with language when I go to other countries and my acting!”

Who could possibly resist this smile?

credits to allkpop

Kim Bum Arrives In Philippines For CF Filming


We reported earlier about life after Dream for popular actor, Kim Bum. With the nightmare of Dream ending this past Tueday after dismal ratings, Kim Bum has wasted no time in embarking on his overseas activities.

It was reported by ABS-CBN that Kim Bum had already arrived in Manila, Philippines on 30th September for a CF filming. The CF filming is reportedly to be for RC Cola (Royal Crown Cola), where Kim Bum will work with one of the country’s prime young actress, Maja Salvador.

In addition as said before, besides filming for the CF, Kim Bum will also be doing some voluntary charity work, which will go towards helping needy orphans in the Philippines.

And just to point out something for trivia purposes, Kim Joon is once again the odd one out among the Korean F4, as Lee Minho endorses Pepsi, Kim Hyun Joong does Dynamic Kin (Coca-Cola) while Kim Bum will be doing RC Cola.

With the Philippines still feeling the effects from Typhoon Ketsana a few days ago, Kim Bum’s visit will bring some joy to his fans in the country.

credits to coolsmurf of all kpop

Kim Bum in ABS-CBN TV PATROL entertainment news

Video credits to miszanudaw


KIm Bum who recently arrived in the Philippines will have a meet and greet session with his Filipino fans in the network that brought the phenomenal hit Boys Over Flower to the Filipino people.

Kim Bum was greeted by a few of his fans in Ninoy Aquino International Airport when he arrived in Manila. He will be busy filming a commercial film for a local drink RC cola opposite Maja Salvador a Star Magic talent in ABS-CBN. They will be filming together and this will be shown in Philippine TV by the end of the month.

Arrival of Kim Bum in the Philipines…Sympathy for the Typhoon victims

20090930_kimbumrc_airportAs of press time Kim Bum of the Asian wide popular Korean series Boys over flower arrived in the Philippines. The devastated country was not able to completely welcome the stars because of the recent flood that the storm left behind. I know he is understanding enough to share the pain and devastation that this country suffered. He was greeted by some BOF fans when he arrived at around noon.

He will be staying in the Philippines for quite sometime for the shoot. Hope he will be have a safe journey to whatever business he have in this country.

Anticipating the Arrival of KIM BUM

normal_A8192242-57Not all the Filipino fans knew about the arrival of Kim Bum. He will be in the Philippines til Oct 3, 2009. Flight details are still confidential but one thing has been confirmed..he will be in Manila Philippines on the 30th of September.