Star Donation Shooting Sta performance

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This is the 2nd concert for Star Donation program Shooting Star which had about 150 entertainers participating for it last year.

Last year on 28-Oct, the performance ended successfully with the participation of 21 teams including Super Junior Happy, Wonder Girls, Drunken Tiger, 2AM, 2PM, etc. Coming 20-Jun, another brilliant stage named ‘Dae Han Min Gook (The Republic of South Korea) is One Family’ will be held with KBS ‘Love Request’ at GoRyeo University’s HwaJung Stadium.

It will be broadcasted live from 5pm for 2 hours, the total donation amount will be donated to community chest drive.

Star donation program Shooting Star is an event that gathers entertainers from different fields of activities to form a charitable group where they would pay visits to orphanage, auction on star’s possessions, donating elementary school textbooks, etc. Actor Won Bin and singer Chae DongHa had recently extended their volunteer services overseas through MBC.


> Andy, “I can’t get in touch with Shinhwa members.”

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Shinhwa member who has emerged as an actor revealed that he is not able to get in touch with the other group members.

On the 28th, Andy attended the SBS press conference for the drama “Two Wives” in Seoul Mokdong. He was asked what the other members thought of him returning to acting after 4 years. He replied, “I can’t get in touch with members.”

Andy said, “I haven’t done anything wrong to the members. When we get together to have drinks, I readily pay. However, I can’t get in touch with them. When I call them, their phones are turned off.” He said smiling, “I would like to take this opportunity to say something to them. Please get in touch with me.”

In “Two Wives”, Andy will be taking on the role of Yoon Nam Joon and will be romantically involved with Jo Mi Mi (portrayed by Lee Yoo Jin). Returning to drama after 4 years made his heart tremble. He said, “Four years ago, I was in front of the camera knowing nothing. I have regrets during that time of not being able to do better (as an actor). Now, I am with many senior actors and am learning a lot. I am grateful and gather strength from them.”

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Andy to shed off the straitlaced ‘An-sobang’ image in ‘Two Wives’

Singer/producer Andy will take on the role of Yoon Nam Joon in the upcoming SBS daily drama ‘Two Wives’, who is the insensible younger brother of Kim Ji Young’s character.

Q) And your role in the drama…?
A) I play the younger brother of Yoon Young Hee, played by Kim Ji Young. He seems to be always getting into trouble and often doing exasperating things but he’s really very a warm-hearted person who is very concerned about his family.

In this drama, he will abandon the image of the sweet and sensible An-sobang, and transform into a reckless loafer.

Q) Breaking away from ‘An-sobang’…?
A) I’d like to try getting away from that image. But in this case I have to play out a character who seems to be very dissatisfied with society, however he isn’t a bad guy. I really have to try to play out this image in my own way and according to my own direction.

Q) And a change in appearance…?
A) “The image is still a secret now. I’m still thinking about this, but it will be very different from the An-sobang image.

Andy, who has displayed his acting abilities through sitcoms and musicals, will also have an onscreen romance with Lee Yoo Jin in a older woman-younger man relationship. What can we expect to see? Do stay tuned to find out.

Q) Any words for the Ystar viewers?
A) It’s my first challenging role in a drama. I hope everyone will show more support for “Two Wives”.

source: YStar
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Andy and Lee Yoo-are now a couple


For the up-coming drama ‘SBS-Two Wives’ that will air after ‘My wife’s Temptation’ that is. In the drama, Andy of now “ahjussi”-band Shinhwa, will play the younger love interest of Lee Yoo-jin. The story line for this drama is about a divorced man that gets into a car accident before his second marriage and gets amnesia. Just like the story line of many other K-dramas you can’t leave out the fact that there will be 2 females fighting for this one guy. ‘Two Wives’ is set to air this coming May 4th.

Son Tae-young also stars.

Andy Lee of Shinhwa News from Taiwan

[09.03.29] Andy in Taiwan: Consolidated news
Andy, member of Korean supergroup Shinhwa, arrived in Taiwan yesterday, and at the press conference he expressed his regrets that Shinhwa is unable to come to Taiwan together due to army enlistment. He said he hopes to come to Taiwan again for a concert when Shinhwa reunites.

When asked about how he copes with stress, given the recent spate of celebrity suicides, Andy said, “Celebrities can only show their good sides on stage, and we’ll have to bear with any unhappiness, which eventually accumulates into a lot of stress. That’s why many fall into depression. For the past 9 years I’ve been lucky to have the other Shinhwa members by my side, so I haven’t been alone. We meet up once a week, or about 2/3 times a month for drinks. A few days ago on 24th March, it was our 11th anniversary, and we met up before that for a small celebration.”

On his way to the hotel, he passed by the Taipei 101 building and exclaimed at its height. Despite his fear of heights, he expressed that he would like to take in the view of Taipei from the top of the building.

Andy was also voted as the best son-in-law in Korea not too long ago. He said wistfully that though he’s happy about that, he wonders when he will be getting married.

Andy will be holding a mini-concert at TICC at 7pm tonight, and his proteges Jumper will also be making an appearance.

Source: Liberty Times + Apple Daily + China Times