Lee Junki And Boa Scandal

Actor and new singer Lee Jun Ki personally explained the scandal between him and BoA.” He said “While it is true that Lee Hyori set BoA and me up on a blind date, we never went out. Instead, we chose to remain friends.” The photos that surfaced on the net back in 2006 left lots of fans curious and speculating. It also didn’t help that Hyori revealed that she had been the one who had introduced them to each other at Lee Junki’s birthday in 2007.

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credits: allkpop.


Rumors: JUNJIN has a girl…RING ALERT

vlcsnap-160918Junjin a member of the longest running boyband in Korea which some people fondly call “AHJUSSHI Band SHINHWA” recently was seen wearing a ring that we all know looks like a couple ring. Yes rumors had it that he was seen somewhere in asia MACAU to be exact with his rumored girlfriend. Their were countless denials from fans and even his management company. A very absurd try was even linking him to his co-star in WE Got Married.

Slowly we can spot traces that Junjin is really into a relationship. So what if he is committed? But some people can’t dare understand and accept the fact that he was seen with someone.  Yes he MIGHT be committed but can we be happy with that? Whether he loved that person FAT OR THIN, PRETTY or UGLY…as long as he is happy! But now this picture is worth a couple of reaction from netizens and his fallowers!

mamabum88 April 19,2008