Jung Hyun Don Getting Married

Jung Hyung Don and girlfriend Han Yu Ra have set a wedding date! After formally introducing their families on June 9, they have set September 12 as their wedding date although the venue has yet to be decided.

The two met last year while working together on the SBS show Mystery Commando – he as a host and she as a scriptwriter. (She currently writes for MBC’s 오늘 밤만 재워줘 – loosely translated as Let Me Stay Over Tonight.)

Although they began dating around October of 2008, the relationship was not publicized until this past April. Two of Jung’s Infinity Challenge co-hosts – Jung Joon Ha and Noh Hong Chul – also revealed their relationships this year.

Credit: KPculture
It was announced today that Jung Hyung Don, after experiencing 2 make-believe marriages on MBC We Got Married, will be getting married for real this time in 3 months time. The lucky bride is none other than Han Yu Ra, and no big surprise really, after it was revealed in April that they have already been dating since October 2008.

A representative from TN Entertainment revealed to the media that the 2 had met while working on SBS Mystery Commando last year and proceeded into a dating relationship. They have already gotten the blessings from their respective families in May and will be tying the knot on 12th September. The representative added, “The date has been confirmed but they have not started preparations for it yet. Jung Hyung Don himself has expressed that he will take full advice from his wife-to-be on how to go about making their wedding ceremony to be an unforgettable memory for them both.”

This has been an eventful week for Infinity Challenge members, after Noh Hong Chul was revealed to be in a dating relationship with Jang Yoon Jung just days earlier. Jeon Jun Ha had revealed earlier in March that he was currently dating an air stewardess. With Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung Soo already married, it means that JunJin is the only member who hasn’t found (?) his partner and yet to serve the army also.

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Lee Jin Wook, Lee Jae Won Enlist; Lee Dong Gun Postpones

Sources: Osen, ISplus, Asia Economy
Translation by : KPCulture

May 6 appears to be a busy day for the army (and the press) as celebrities Lee Jin Uk and Lee Jae Won have suddenly confirmed that they will enlist today, while Lee Dong Gun confirmed that he will not.

Lee Jin Uk (commonly spelled Lee Jin Wook) is entering military service at 1pm on May 6 in Uijeongbu Gyeonggi-do.

After he goes through the basic training program, he will begin active duty.

Regarding military service, he expressed, “The army is a place where any man of the Republic of Korea must go to, so there is no trace of hesitation. I will return after learning and experiencing many things that I’ve never known [or done] through military life.” Lee admitted that he wishes he could have done more projects before enlisting, but that he was grateful for the love beyond expectations that he’s received from fans. He promised that he would try to return as a more mature actor.

On May 5, Lee held a fan meeting at Hangang Park for visiting Japanese fans as his last event before enlistment. He is not expected to speak to the media through a press conference, as many stars do right before they enter.

Lee Jin Uk became known to the public through dramas such as Alone in Love, Smile Again, Air City, and Glass Castle. He most recently caused a media frenzy in February when his relationship with Choi Ji Woo was revealed.

Also enlisting today is Lee Jae Won (solo stage name: Jaewon) of disbanded idol group, H.O.T. He has remained out of the public eye following last year’s alleged rape scandal. (She dropped the charges shortly after filing them; he stated that the sex was consensual.) He will enter quietly at a different location in Gyeonggi-do at 1pm.

On the other hand, singer-actor Lee Dong Gun’s application to postpone enlistment was approved on May 4. Lee Dong Gun was supposed to enter along with Lee Jin Uk at the same reserve. According to a source, the request was made for personal reasons. If he receives another warrant for enlistment, he will not be able to delay it any longer since he turns 30 next year.

Lee Min Ho is scheduled for Surgery

source: cynews
translations: hancnema

Actor Lee Min-ho will be having a surgery in June.

He has an iron brace being removed from his leg which he had since his car accident in 2006. He has it fixed in his leg for fixing his leg.

Lee was planning to have the surgery to remove the iron brace in his leg in May, however with overflowing work schedule he had no time to cancel anything.

He will need 2 weeks of rest after this surgery.

He has recently been in Sydney for a photoshoot and now he will continue his work until June.

Jackie Chan performs at the Bird’s Nest; Rain sings and dance


Jackie Chan performs at the Bird’s Nest; Rain sings and dance
Source : UDN
translated by fewfew @ http://asianfanatics.net

Yesterday night, Jackie Chan held his concert <Jackie and friends> at Beijing’s National Stadium, the “Bird’s Next”. He invited South Korean superstar Rain, Jonathan Lee, Chris Li, Emil Chau, and other popular singers from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Rain didn’t get his approval until the last minute, but he successfully delivered his performance in the end.

Jackie Chan is the first to hold a concert at the Bird’s Nest. The set up was certainly impressive. There were seven hundred security guards and over a hundred fifty performing guests. From Hong Kong, there were Eric Tsang, Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Joey Yung, Jaycee Fong, Charlene Choi, and more. Singers from Taiwan included Jonathan Lee, Emil Chau, Van Fan. From China, there were Sun Nan, Li Bing Bing, Yuan Quan, Chris Li, Liu Yuan Yuan, Zhao Ben Shan, Teacher Xiao Shen Yang and his disciple, and more.

Last night at 7:10PM, the Bird’s Nest was filled with approximately eighty-thousand people, without an empty seat. Jackie Chan wore white traditional clothes and appeared on stage. With more than a hundred singers spread across six smaller stages, they sang “Descendants of the Dragon” together. Standing on the stage, Jackie Chan asked the audience to be environmental friendly, “I hope that after everyone leaves here, there will be no plastic bottles or concert tickets left in the stadium, okay?!” Afterwards, he sang “Sincere Hero” with Jonathan Lee and Emil Chau, and pushed the concert to its height.

Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily reported that Rain’s approval was delayed, where he didn’t know whether he could go on stage or not. Thus, Rain did not appear on stage at the opening of the show. He got the approval at the last minute and he went on stage after Jackie Chan gave him an introduction. The crowd cheered loudly as Rain sang and danced. Fans went wild when Jackie Chan and Rain performed “Love in Autumn” together.

Rain expressed in an interview, “I immediately agreed to perform after receiving Jackie Chan’s invitation because for one, ‘Da Ge’ (big brother) is a really nice person and two, because this is for charity. Therefore, I must attend. I’m very happy to be able to perform at the Bird’s Nest again this time. It reminds me of the time I was performing here for the Olympics.”

SS501 fly to America for 2nd album preparation, “We are afraid of Influenza A”

Male group SS501 will be flying to America for the preparation of their upcoming 2nd album on 6th May.

They will be staying there for about 10 days to film their 2nd album jacket and also to record for their 2nd album. They will also be attending cultural events for South Koreans living in America during their visit there.

Kim Hyung Joon who recently met with some reporters said, “We will go to America on the 6th. We will film for our album jacket, we will also be meeting and having exchange with music producers in America.”

“But after hearing about the influenza A type, swine flu, going on in America, we are a little afraid about it. We will work hard to bring to fans new and better music to fans through what we have learnt there.”

source: kbites

Junjin Injures wrist ahead of his comeback


News went out that singer JunJin has recently injured his wrist.

His company revealed on the 2nd, “Ahead of his comeback, JunJin had hurt his wrist while exercising.”

It is set for JunJin to have his comeback stage on 9th on MBC Music Core. His company representative also revealed that the doctor had advised for JunJin to undergo operation for his wrist, which will take up to 6 weeks to recover. But because his comeback date is pushing near, he will just have to go ahead with his comeback plans.

What’s worse was that right after he got injured, the next day he was set to do filming for his album jacket on 1st May and the filming of his MV on 2nd.

JunJin’s new minialbum will be released on 7th May.

source: kbites

Infinity Challenge Volunteers Pay Cut

Due to the difficulties in the reduction of production costs by the three broadcasting companies (KBS, MBC, SBS), the ‘Infinity Challenge’ members have very boldly volunteered to take a pay cut to save the company money.

MBC officials on May 1st announced, “‘Infinity Challenge’ members have taken a voluntary pay cut. The show program has reduced the internal production costs, and the members will share in the voluntary reduction.”

Overall expenses of the program was reduced approximately 15% and the performers pay cut was taken from this reduction also.

The trio of broadcasting companies, suffering from the economic recession and crisis, decided to relieve the enormous production costs. The KBS show “Comedy Show Hee Hee Nak Nak” MC Nam Hee Suk, also too a 17% pay cut to help out his company. Lee Hwi Jae and Park Myung Soo also took a pay cut voluntarily. KBS2 “Happy Sunday” Kang Ho Dong took a 10% cut.

On the other hand, netizens are up in arms, yet again, and criticizing Korea’s hardest working man, Lee Minho for indulging in a little luxury..

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