Kim Joon to take on musical

Boys Over Flowers Kim Joon will take on musical.

After receiving much popularity acting as Song WooBin in KBS hit drama Boys Over Flowers and as a member of singer group T Max, he is casted for musical titled ‘Youth’s Journey’.

‘Youth’s Journey’ is a manga remake talking about Yeong ShimEe talking about the 33 years of his growing up, and will feature songs like Lee Seung Chul’s ‘Last Concert’, Lee Moon Sae’s ‘Flying into the deep blue night’, and Hyun Ji Yeon’s ‘You in the fading memory’ etc.

After the drama Boys Over Flowers ended, Kim Joon has not only been busy promoting within Korea but also overseas. And this will be his first attempt at musical.

He is double casted as the male lead together with Lee Jin Hoon who also did the musical Singles, and Lee Jung Mi and Kim Ji Woo have been casted as the female leads.

The musical will take place from 18th till 25th July.

source: kbites


SS501 Introduces A Capella Song in 2nd Japanese Album

SS501 002

The five members of SS501 are back together to launch their activities in Japan.

Until recently, the members had been busy with their separate activities: Kim Hyun-joong was filming “Boys Over Flowers,” Park Jung-min was appearing in the musical “Grease,” and Kim Hyung-jun, Kim Kyu-jong and Heo Young-saeng performed under the name “Triple S.”

SS501’s second Japanese album, which is slated for release on May 13 and entitled “All My Love,” shows off a more mature side of the members’ vocal skills.

All 13 songs included in the album are performed in Japanese. The new album contains a song that sends a message of hope to a loved one; the ballad “Mermaid,” performed by Park Jung-min; the single “Lucky Days,” which entered the Oricon weekly chart last year, and “Get Along,” which was strongly recommended by the CEO of SS501’s agency, DSP Media.

The title track, “All My Love,” had drawn the spotlight even before the album’s release because it is SS501’s first a capella song. Park Jung-min said he and his band mates doubted their ability to perform the song when they first heard about it, but at the same time they believed they had to try it. Kim Hyung-jun, the leader of SS501, said the group practiced hard to perfectly convey the warmth of the song.

On May 17, SS501 will hold a handshaking event for its fans at the TFT Hall in Tokyo to mark the release of its new album and arouse interest in it.

On August 13, the group will hold two concerts at the Budokan Hall for the first time as part of its Asian concert tour.

source: KBS

Did you know Junjin released a single?


Yeah, neither did I. I mean seriously…when is this guy enlisting? Isn’t he like 37? Noooo…I’m not dissing Shinhwa, calm down. But let’s be realistic here, yes?

For his comeback, Jun Jin released an entire mini-album titled, “Fascination” that came out on Thursday. His first single off of the album, “Hey Ya” also features Son Dam Bi and Bigtone. And just a few days before his comeback “Show! Music Core” performance, Jun Jin joined the ranks of other crippled stars by injuring his wrist from beating the bologna…this didn’t stop him from performing on the 7th with Dam Bi by his side.

Also featured on the album is his fake, “We Got Married!” wife Lee Shi Young, who sings on the track “Like a Fool”…which I actually kind of like.

Check them out and thanks to soomii for the tip!

article and credits from allkpop

Come fly with SS501


All five members of SS501 held an unique fan meeting event for their fans. They boarded an aircraft and transformed into crew members on the 2nd and 3rd of May with 500 of their closest fans from South Korea and Japan to and flew them all to Jeju Island. They probably felt good about flying to the island with no qualms about swine flu.

The boys provided in-flight services including, beverage service and safety demonstrations.

The fans and “crew” landed safely in Jeju and everyone was treated to a special concert. SS501 performed “Because I’m Stupid,” “U R Man,” “DEJA VU,” and “again.” They also did their version of the Gee craze later on at the Seogwipo KAL Hotel party.

Thank you for flying Air SS501.

credits to allkpop

YG family mobilised for 2ne1’s debut stage


2NE1 will have their friends YG Family under the YG Entertainment company mobilised for their debut stage.

They will have their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on 17th May after successfully releasing their MVs and digital single last 6th May.

There are plans for other YG artistes to appear and support their debute stage that day. Also their producer Teddy of 1TYM is said to be also appearing for their debut stage.

Already, their MVs revealed on the 6th have caused such a topic and raisedon interests on the internet. The MV attracted more than 2 million views in just 1 day into its release. And the song ‘Fire’ is currently the hot track up #1 on various music charts like Dosirak, CyWorld, SoriBadi and Bugs.

source: kbites

YG didn’t know G-Dragons participation in 2ne1’s MV fire till it came out


With the release 2NE1’s ‘Fire’ MV, many fans pointed out the cameo appearance of Big Bang member GDragon.

There were 2 versions to the MV revealed on 6th May – space and street version, which got 1.5 and 1 million views on GomTV as of 9th May. While on other portal sites, the MVs were said to have attracted more than 2.5 milion views.

With that many netizens and fans caught the 2 seconds cameo apperance of Big Bang GDragon for the street version of the MV, doing his comical act behind member Gong MinJi.

But YG Entertainment said, “We did not know of GDragon’s cameo comic act behind member Gong MinJi for the street version of the MV as pointed out by Big Bang fans. It was because he was behind Gong MinJi and his appearance was so short.”

“But with the release of the MV online, Big Bang fans were fast to spot him in the MV. And it quickly became a topic amongst netizens and fans on the internet.”

The YG representative said, “GDragon went to the filming spot for the MV filming to give support to the 2NE1 members whom he is close to. And with no earlier plans for it, he went directly for a cameo appearance to show support to 2NE1.”.

source: Kbites

HEY YA! Junjin’s comeback

True to his image as Korea’s counterpart to US Justin Timberlake, Junjin had his comeback as a singer thru his single Hey ya! featuring Son Dam Bi. A very different image from his wardrobe in Wa. A very hippie Junjin made his comeback in MBC’s Music Core.

With this new image on the works lets hope this will bring him to the flatform of a true entertainer as a soloist JUNJIN away from Shinhwa’s Junjin. This single may bring Junjin on the level of success with his fellow Shinhwa member Shin Hyesung and M Minwoo.

Wait and see to wherever Hey Ya can bring him!