Joo Ji Hoon Caught With Drugs

20090426_jjh_1On the 26th, Korean police officials issued a warrant of arrest against actor Yoon Sul Hui (28) and model Yeh Hak Young (26) for smuggling drugs into Korea from Japan. Among the people charged to have received drugs from the two mentioned, actor Joo Ji Hoon, best known for his roles in the drama Goong and movie The Naked Kitchen, was hauled to the police station for questioning.

According to the police, supporting actor Yoon and others were paid about 100,000,000 won since August 2007 for the acquiring of drugs such as ecstasy and ketamine. It was discovered during the investigation that Mr. Yoon would hide the drugs in in his underclothes after obtaining them in Japan. The drugs would then travel through different people and Ms. Ye, who happened to be the 3rd stage, paid about 3,200,000 won for her portion. Her drugs were then sold throughout clubs in Kang Nam and to acquaintances.

It was revealed that Joo Ji Hoon began to associate himself with the two around March 2008 and has been charged by the police for being involved in the 2nd stage that sold drugs. A police representative mentioned, “This is the first time that celebrities are directly involved in the buying and selling of drugs. We are expanding the scope of our search and expect to discover more people selling the drugs beneath the sponsor.


Thirst’s preview attracts A-list VIP

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The much-buzzed-about film held its press conference and VIP preview screening on the afternoon of April 24 in Seoul. Given the movie’s high profile (and its director and lead actor), the screening attracted some big names, such as Lee Byung-heon, Jeon Do-yeon, Won Bin, Rain, and Song Hye-gyo.

Lead actor Song Kang-ho, playing the vampire priest who falls for his friend’s wife (Kim Ok-bin), discussed some of the film’s more provocative scenes, one of which serves as the crucial point of the film. He had discussed the scene in some depth with director Park Chan-wook and had no qualms shooting it, as he agreed that it was essential to the story.

Park Chan-wook said, “I watched the film as just an audience member, and the acting in that scene really came off naturally. Perhaps it was the camera location or the size of the screen, or the composition or something like that, but rather than giving the feeling of trying to show something naturally, it felt more like something that couldn’t be hidden. I think the audience may have felt that nuance too.”

Song Kang-ho has previously worked with Park, for 2000’s Joint Security Area as well as Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and its follow-up, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.

Meanwhile, this project marks a jump in visibility for its female star, Kim Ok-bin, who was one of those early internet uljjangs who parlayed her online fame into an entertainment career (other uljjangs: Gu Hye-sun, Kim Hye-sung, Park Han-byul, Nam Sang-mi). She’s since gone from television dramas (Over the Rainbow, Hello God) to a budding film career (Dasepo Naughty Girls, Disturbance in Her Barroom), and said of this experience, “Working with Song Kang-ho was an incredible honor.”

Fellow co-star Shin Ha-kyun (who plays Kim’s husband), also had similar feelings about working with the respected Song: “It was a huge shock to be told I would be playing a friend to Song Kang-ho sunbae.” He recalls being present when director Park Chan-wook initially spoke about this project ten years ago with Song Kang-ho — Shin also acted in Park’s Joint Security Area — but says, “At that time, I could never have imagined I would be involved in this project too.”

Thirst releases on April 30.

Gov’t to Digitize Cultural Content

2009041622_bigThe government has designated nine cultural stories it will finance for digitization development in order to enhance the exposure of Korean cultural content.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said Thursday that four of the nine are based on Korean ancient history. The ministry plans to first develop this year a story of the Buddhist monk “Wonhyo” and provide it to the public on the Internet.

The ministry also designated five other stories for development as global digitized cultural content, including a drama based on the histories of ten ancient cultural assets of the Silla Dynasty.

The ministry added that it will designate two more stories for digitization.

Reported by KBS WORLD Radio

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Source : KBS Global

JUNKI Concert


One thing you can say for sure about Lee Junki: He sure does like a spectacle.

After styling himself in ultra-powder-puff-white for his solo album artwork, the actor took on a darker look at his recent fanmeeting-concert, which was called “Episode 2: The Mask.”

If you could call his album photos albino-New-Wave-glam-pop in style, I suppose this look could be described as barbarian meets V for Vendetta meets Darth Vader, with a dash of Michael Jackson thrown in for good measure?

The concert was held on April 18 in Seoul to a crowd of more than 4,000 fans. His single album, which features four tracks, goes on sale on April 20.

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__Kim Shi Hyang, who started out as a racing model but later became a broadcaster, revealed her special love relationship with Lee Min Ho.

he was on KBS2 variety show on 18th April when she revealed, “Lee Min Ho used to be my boyfriend.”

Kim Shi Hyang used to act alongside Lee Min Ho in movie ‘Our School’s ET’. And back then Kim Shi Hyang had acted as Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend in the movie.

She revealed, “We were in a love relationship 2 years back while we were filming for the movie. We were a pair of passionate lovers, we even rode the same motorbike as from in the movie.” rousing a wave of envy from the audience.

She also confessed, “I regretted not being close with Lee Min Ho.”


* “Like, what can you do now?”
* “She seriously didn’t think in the shoes of Lee Min Ho. She only thought that it is such a proud thing to be his girlfriend before.”
* “Yes she is pretty, she has a great body. But what can she do now.”
* “What the heck is this again?”
* “If I can be Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend, that would be great.”
* “Lee Min Ho just wants a taste of racing girls.”

Many netizens were quite angry that the reporter digged this piece of news out, just for news sake because of Lee Min Ho’s popularity now. Many also thought the reporter was an anti to Kim Shi Hyang.

source: kbites

Kim Kang-woo checks out Park Shi-yeon’s boobs

Kim Kang-woo (Marine Boy) sneaks a peek at co-star Park Shi-yeon’s boobs while the pair was promoting their latest KBS drama Story of a Man on April 17. Kim and Park were even co-stars in Marine Boy! Well, aren’t they “friendly” ;-).

The drama, which comes on every Monday and Tuesday (in South Korea), also co-stars Park Yong-ha.

The drama revolves around Kim Shin (Park Yong-ha) who once had it all. A scam ruined his life so he goes all out to seek revenge. Park Shi-yeon plays his loyal girlfriend while Kim Kang-woo portrays the baddie.

Story of a Man is on the KBS network so that means we Malaysians will be able to watch this too – whoo hoo!

Source: Newsen

Rain to perform at Charity Concert for Jacky Chan

To recoup his losses, Rain will be performing at the “2009 Good Friend Concert” at Beijing Olympic Stadium, organized by Jackie Chan on May 1st, 2009. With seating capacity at 10 thousand, the Korean media is touting this as a great opportunity for exposure to a wider audience.

This is not the first time the Chinese action star and Rain have met. Their first meeting was at the Closing Ceremony of the Beijing Olypics in the summer of 2008.