Sandara Park’s High School Pictures

DNew pictures of 2NE1’s Sandara Park during her high school days have surfaced.

Sandara gained a substantial amount of fame in the Philippines after appearing on Star Circle Quest. She would go on to release an album and appear in movies and television before eventually returning to Korea to join 2NE1. The pictures show a typical teenage girl’s life, hanging out with friends at a coffee shop, spending the day at an amusement park. The photos give a cute glimpse into Sandara’s life before she became famouS.



Sandara Park in Star Magic Catalogue

3ABS-CBN has recently released copies of their annual publication, Star Magic Catalogue 2010 which showcases over 300 artistes laid out on 150 pages.

There was a surprise though for fans of Sandara Park, or more affectionately known as Krung-Krung to her fans in the Philippines who still look out for her even though she’s based in Korea now, after appearing in the Star Magic Catalogue 2010.

No idea when this was taken or why Sandara is included in this catalouge since she’s now under YG Entertainment and doing well as part of 2NE1. But it might be because because she still has ties with ABS-CBN, having debuted in their Star Circle Quest program in 2004. Anyway, she looks beautiful and stunning in this single page spread

G-Dragon and Dara have chemistry


The eye contact between’s Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon and 2NE1’s weiner, Sandara Park aka Dara was a hot issue today.

G-Dragon performed today at Korea’s Global Gathering event and had KUSH as well as Dara join him on stage. G-Dragon’s new album is not only consisted of well written songs but also features many great artists from Teddy to CL to Dara to KUSH.

When Dara joined him on stage for their duet song, Hello, people noticed the amazing chemistry between the two performers. Netizens commented, “Are they dating?”, “Alright, just go out already!”, “Aww they would be a young boy-older woman couple!”, and “They both have a cute face so they look good together.” I won’t mention the jealous fans but there was one comment that caught my eye. It’s a bit off topic but… “Dara kind of looks like BoA.” Doesn’t she?

Though we all know that it’s not love that is bringing the enthusiastic performance, it’s their amazing stage persona.

Check out some pictures where they make some intense eye contact! Hope to see even more 2NE1-Big Bang action in the future!

credits allkpop

Ingkigayo Summer Special

Besides SHINeePM, three other group collaborations will ignite the Inkigayo Stage this Sunday. Kara, who will turn into rocker girls ala the “Same Heart” MV, will join F.T. Island for rockin’ performances of their songs. Brown Eyed Girls and 4minute will do a joint dance performance, probably similar to the BEG/Kara performance on Music Bank. Finally, member(s) from girl groups SNSD, 2NE1, 4minute, BEG, and Kara will present special performances, along with a special feature called VTR “Girl Talk” – which meant that the earlier rumors were not completely unfounded.

Other than these collaborations, there are two other specials which we previously reported: girl groups combining for a 2PM/Suju performance, and 2NE1’s performance of Big Bang’s “Last Farewell”. This edition of SBS Inkigayo just might be the most action-packed music show of the year, and allkpop will be here to bring it to y’all.

credits to allkpop

2NE1’s 4th Win in a row!

2ne1's leader CL and Sandara Park happy for their 4th consecutive victory

2ne1's leader CL and Sandara Park happy for their 4th consecutive victory

Yes the four girls had their 4th win against SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish” via their 2nd single “I Don’t Care”. For this new girl band this is such an achievement winning against their sunbae! That’s what makes GDragon more proud of this girls having been a part of their album.

Currently SNSD is holding the title of winning the award 9 weeks in a row for “Gee” in Music Bank! This will be such a challenge for 2ne1. Can they break the record? Not just breaking the record against SNSD but also being the newbies achieving such a n honor! We will be waiting for that day to come! Stay tuned!

SS501 Hyun Joong’s Cofession for 2ne1’s CL

Idol group SS501‘s leader and flower boy Kim Hyunjoong confessed, “Out of the 2NE1 members I am paying close attention to CL” during an interview with MBC SectionTV.blog1a

When asked by the reporter, “Out of all the girl groups, is there a specific member who you closely observe?” And Hyunjoong‘s answer was 2NE1‘s bad girl CL.

He also expressed how he felt about CL saying “When I saw her I asked myself ‘Wow, who is that?‘ and admired CL.”

Hyunjoong never got to see CL in person so he recorded a video message to her saying “I am your senior of a few years but I wish your career as a singer will be good. Thanks for giving me inspiration.”

Looks like CL is gaining more fans by the minute and not just any fans but extremely cute ones as well. Do you think CL will be interested in Hyunjoong, too?

from all kpop

I guess 2ne1 CL’s coolness drove all Hyun Joong’ss eyes towards her! She is really another star to watched out for! The perfect body as i can imagine not skinny and not flabby at all!

Heard Shinhwa’s Dongwan loved CL,and her popularity doesn’t end ther even Shinhwa’s Minwoo and Big Bang leader GD has all eyes on this girl group’s leader!blog1

finally 2ne1 NAILED it!

Spread some of the “Fire”~

2NE1 just had their third live stage this past weekend, and really, they nailed it. Their vocals were sharp, all the girls had their energy up, the stage doesn’t look as empty as usual because of the glowing white jungle gym, and their outfits were toned down to an acceptably flattering level.

If you haven’t noticed, 2NE1’s only live stages have been consecutively on the SBS Inkigayo. YG Entertainment have stayed with Inkigayo so far because they have shown the most “interest” in 2NE1, but now they are finally moving on to KBS Music Bank. 2NE1 are apparently going to get a complete upgrade in style and choreography. No more wonky street outfits, lack of much needed background dancers, and (hopefully) what I call the “I’m sweeping the floor with my hand” move. How much it’ll change is questionable, but any improvement is always welcome.

It seems like they are using this tactic to up the ante for the music programs, as they continuously build upon the performances, so the fans will always be craving more and each step will offer something different, instead of the same old routine again and again.

In addition to that, 2NE1 is going to release a new offline album that you can physically buy in July. YG has said that the new concept will be much different from the swaggerific appeal of “Fire,” and opting for more “feminine charm.”