SS501 Comeback delayed Due To Plagarism issues


It has been a year and seven months since the five boys came together to record as a whole. From the Boys Over Flowers craze to their first world tour, SS501 is bigger, stronger and better than ever.

The group’s new mini-album, Rebirth, was set for release in August. However, during the creative process of compiling the record, the title track ended up being an exact replica of another American song.

“We had a different title track, but it ended up being a plagiarism copy,” says SS501, “If we ended up releasing it, we could have been in a lot of legal trouble.”

SS501 received their ex-title song through an unknown agency. The group recorded the song, but by the end of their Japanese leg of the tour, they realized that there was another song very similar, and then it finally became official that the song was indeed a product of plagiarism.

“We’re very sorry that it was delayed for such a long time,” SS501 said to the fans, “It was a very hectic process, but we are satisfied with the results. We hope you like it as well. Please keep supporting us!”

The long awaited mini-album will be released on the 20th of October. The title song will be “Love Like This,” first performed live in their Seoul concert back in August. Along with “Love Like This,” there will be 4 brand new songs.

The boys recently wrapped up their Taipei concert with over 12,000 fans present.

credits to allkpop


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