2ne1 vsT-Ara


The ‘war’ between the new female groups 2NE1 and T-ara has been a hot topic amongst netizens. Group 2NE1 received attention with the successful release of CM song ‘Lollipop’ wiht Big Bang even before their debut. And with their debut song ‘Fire’ released recently, the song went up to #5 on music charts and #1 for download chart. And for T-ara who released the song ‘Good Person Ver.1′ last week went up to #35 this week, but even so the song ‘Female Generation’ by SeeYa, Davichi and T-ara member JiYeon is moving up the music charts very fast at #3 position with ‘Fire’ following close behind. One Korean music industry official said, “Unlike the other female groups like So Nyeo Shi Dae, WonderGirls, SeeYa and KARA, 2NE1 and T-ara received acknowledge for their capabilities even before their debut. We are seeing that these 2 groups will continue to grow in terms of popularity.” Meanwhile, to update about the Kpop scene, 2PM’s ‘Again&Agin’ has gone up to #1 on the Mnet chart in just 2 weeks. This is also the first #1 the group has gotten 8 months into their debut. This week, Lee Seung Chul 24 years into his debut and recently released his 10th album ‘Mutopia’ title song ‘Lost A Nail’ is at #37, and ChaeYeon who is back with the song ‘Shake’ coming back after 2 years and 2 months is #44, while JunJin’s comeback song ‘Hey!Ya’ featuring Son DamBi is at #59. source: kbtes


Another Noona LOVE


After 7 years of courtship, gagman/host Yoo Se Yun (28) will finally settle down with his kindergarten teacher wife, Hwang Kyung Hee on 17th May at EL Tower, Seoul. Yoo Se Yun had met his wife who was older than him by 4 years through an acquaintance in 2003, where they started dating, with the goal of getting married at the end of it. The newly-wedded couple will leave for their Saipan honeymoon after their wedding ceremony this Sunday and then begin their new life at their Ilsan home.

credits: coolsmurf

T-Max holds first concert in JAPAN


The group T-MAX has successfully held its first concert in Japan, showing off the charm and talent of its members.

T-MAX’s popularity has been on the rise since the TV drama “Boys Over Flowers” drew the spotlight on the satellite channel Mnet. On May 10, the group gave two concerts, both entitled “T-MAX First Live,” at the Astro Hall in Tokyo. The band opened the concerts with the songs “Bang Bang Boom” from its 2007 debut album and “Bad Tooth.” It also performed rock songs and ballads with a four-member Japanese band.

The T-MAX members freely communicated with their audiences in Japanese because they have studied the language since their debut.

T-MAX also performed the ballad “Lion Heart” from the popular band SMAP and also sang its bossa-nova song “Blooming” in perfect Japanese. Each member also performed solo: Park Yoon-hwa sang “Making Me Bad,” Shin Min-chul “The Reason” and Kim Jun “Emptying” from the F4 project album.

The band also screened a video showing its visit to Japan on April 15 to attend a “Boys Over Flowers” fan event. When singing the original soundtrack “Say Yes,” the group’s leader, Shin Min-chul, appeared onstage wearing Geum Jan-di’s school uniform.

To surprise its fans, T-MAX performed its new ballad “My Confession,” which was introduced by Kim Jun.

As an encore song, T-MAX sang “Paradise,” the original soundtrack of the drama “Boys Over Flowers.” After the concert, the members shook hands with their fans, who had gathered at the entrance of the concert hall.

A person from T-MAX’s agency says Kim Jun has received many offers to act since his appearance in “Boys Over Flowers” and that Kim is carefully considering them. He also added that the T-MAX members will release their solo single albums in June before they release a new studio album in the fall.

The T-MAX members shared their impressions of their first concert in Japan in an interview with Yonhap News. Kim Jun said he was worried about his voice because it was strained due to excessive practicing, but that his worries proved groundless thanks to the support of his Japanese fans. Park Yoon-hwa said he was nervous at first but once the concert began he was excited to have fun with the fans.

source: KBS

Big Bang’s Official Japanese Single Release

VIP’s rejoice because at 12:00 noon today Big Bang released a single in Japan. It’s a Japanese remake of their song “Heaven” now entitled “My Heaven.”

It has been reported that all the members are currently in Japan in preparations for their new promotions in Japan (G-Dragon recently took a vacation in Europe). The ew Japanese single album is said to to have the tracks in both English (possibly the Remix in tracklisting) and Japanese lyrics. Big Bang’s new single will be their first album under their Universal Records (in Japan) contract. Big Bang has been taking a long break in Korea and that won’t change anytime soon. For the second half of 2009, Big Bang says that their main focus will be on the Japan market. As for their recent Japanese activity, G-Dragon recently worked with popular Japanese group W-inds while TOP is filming and doing promotions for the drama IRIS in Japan.

On June 24th, Big Bang will release three versions of a single album with one of the versions containing some DVD footage.

This is their supposed track list:
Version #1 CD
Track info:
1. My Heaven
2. Emotion
3. My Heaven(Remix)

Version #2 CD
Track info:
1. My Heaven
2. Emotion
3. Candle(remix)

Version #3 CD+DVD
Track info:
1. My Heaven
2. Emotion
3. My Heaven(Remix)
DVD with making of My Heaven music video

credits: allkpop

SS501 Park JungMin, Romance with Stewardess?

Credits : betanews.net + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Idol group SS501 member Park JungMin answered to the question about his “pink light” (romance/scandal) with a stewardess who is a former bank staff. Park JungMin appeared for MBC Radio Star to be broadcasted on 13-May and addressed to fans’ concern with an open attitude.

Park JungMin revealed that he often goes to the bank, and one pretty bank staff told him that she is his fan and turned her computer monitor to reveal Park JungMin’s wallpaper.

The other guests’ romance story were being pursued on, and under serious pursuing, Park JungMin revealed that the bank he went to is ChungDamDong branch and the lady had resigned from the bank and is currently a stewardess for Korean Air. And it made the others speculate that he is in a ‘pink light’ (romance) mode when he said he still contacts her occasionally. Towards the end of the show, Shin JungHwan asked ‘What is stewardess to Park JungMin?’, he hesitated to this question before replying “I miss her” and surprised the others.

‘Park JungMin’ had been the popular search word over the internet after the broadcast and showed that there are huge interests on this.

who Would go for a date with Kin Hyun Joong

Credits : hotsun chicken + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

“Try to become Kim HyunJoong’s girlfriend.”

SS501 leader, Kim HyunJoong and Hotsun Chicken, the company which he had signed a contract as their model, is selecting someone to participate for the 1-day date with Kim HyunJoong among their female customers.

This event will start from 18-May to 30-June and 1 coupon will be given to each customer for every purchase of 1 whole-chicken. With the coupon, customers can register in their official homepage, where 70 customers with the most number of coupons will stand a chance to have a date with Kim HyunJoong.

The winner will be announced on 01-July and will enjoy the date with Kim HyunJoong at Hotsun Chicken JikYoung outlet at Gangnam on 04-July. The selected 70 customers will be given the chance to win Kim HyunJoong’s signature, photograph-taking with Kim HyunJoong and Chicken date. Kim HyunJoong will personally grill the chicken and serve it at the designated store.

Sandara finds stardom in Korea FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo

3490748913_9d4ab90f83_oAnd finally, after a short-lived success in the Philippines, Sandara Park is getting a big break in South Korea where she will be formally launched this month as part of the new Korean pop group 2NE1 (short for 21). The all-female group is slowly but surely becoming popular, with its debut single, Lollipop, already topping music charts.

“Korean fans find Sandara ‘simply adorable’,” according to Funfare’s Big Apple correspondent Edmund Silvestre (of The Filipino Reporter) who called my attention to Sandara’s rising popularity in her homeland.

Only a few years ago, Sandara enjoyed huge success in the Philippines after placing second to Hero Angeles in the first Star Circle Quest of ABS-CBN. What she lacked in acting talent, she more than made up for in her irresistible charm and cuteness.

The tandem’s overnight success was short-lived, though. Hero had a falling out with ABS-CBN, while Sandara left for Korea purportedly to study acting. She didn’t reckon with the sad reality that in showbiz, absence doesn’t really make the fans’ hearts grow fonder. Soon, Sandara was replaced by another chinita, Kim Chiu, then a Pinoy Big Brother Teen winner and now a superstar.

Sandara later came back, only to find herself without any project. She decided to return to Korea for good and was taken by YG Entertainment, a topnotch Korean talent management specializing in hip-hop and R&B music. She initially appeared in music videos and commercials and slowly got noticed by the public.

2NE1 is reportedly being built up as the female version of the popular all-male Korean band Big Bang which performed the song Lollipop with Sandara’s group. The glossy music video (available on YouTube) is a visual delight with first-rate production, and young Koreans love it. Aside from Sandara, 2NE1 is also composed of Park Bom, Lee Chaerin and Gong Minji.

But, added Edmund (who provided Funfare the latest info about Sandara), “The sad part is the bad press Sandara is getting lately after the Korean media and bloggers have dug what they claimed was ‘embarrassing’ past photos of the star once known as the Pambansang Krung-Krung ng Pilipinas.” (Krung-krung is Filipino slang for weird or crazy.)

The “embarrassing” photos were those in UNO (Diether Ocampo’s men’s magazine) three years ago, showing Sandara in “sexy” poses. The Korean press describes the photos as “disturbing” and “inappropriate” especially for someone like Sandara who is being packaged as “sweet and innocent.”

Here’s one write up from the popular Korean celebrity gossip blog PopSeoul:

Bring out the dirt!

With her debut in the pop group, 2NE1, Sandara Park has left behind a sexy past.

The Korean media has uncovered old pictures of the 24-year-old clad in corsets and leather (complete with whip) for the men’s magazine, UNO (Philippines) for its July/August 2006 issue. The S&M loving pop act will make her formal debut in the motherland with her new girl group, 2NE1 sometime in May this year.

With images like that, will she be able to start over in Korea?

Another one from Seoulbeats:

When a star’s on the rise, you just know netizens are going to get their claws out on all the “ugly” things she’s done in the past. In 2NE1’s Sandara Park’s case, the magnitude of ugliness is totally beside the point.

Back in 2006, a 22-year-old Sandara was given magazine cover duty with men’s mag UNO’s June-July issue. The centre-spread-like pictorial saw Philippines’ then “hot young thing” dressed in hooker garb and talking dirty with the interviewer.

Ok I can’t confirm that last point but all the same, the cutesy Sohee-esque image is more or less tarnished by her lad’s mag escapade. As a rising star she might not have seen a K-pop venture coming but a girl who looks barely past puberty shouldn’t even have skanky editorials in her agenda.

Or does anyone think otherwise? 2NE1’s official debut is set for May 2009.

And still another one from allkpop.com:

Netizens tend to dig up embarrassing past photos of popular celebrities. But in this case, Sandara Park’s past photos are a little too surprising. While most stars start off with a cute and innocent image and later head on toward a more mature image, it seems like Sandara Park went the complete opposite way, starting off with sexy and then going cute and innocent. The following photographs were found in a Philippine men’s magazine. I thought Sandara was really young, but turns out she’s 24 years old. But whether she’s 18 or 24, she’s still way too young to be taking pictures like these.

So very much like the Philippine press, isn’t it?

And how is Sandara taking it?

In stride — which is the right attitude.

“Perhaps Miss Krung Krung is just applying what she has learned in Philippine showbiz,” concluded Edmund. “You know, publicity, good or bad, is still publicity.”