Models Kim HyunJoong, Park ShinHye

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Coca Cola comes out with carbonated drink ‘Dynamic Kin’ targeted at the youth market.
‘DK’ is a carbonated drink with refreshing and cool lemon lime fragrance that will give vitality to exhausted body and mind. The company explained that this is a carbonated drink targeted for the younger generation.

Using Kim HyunJoong from ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and Park ShinHye as their models, the concept of the CF is of one’s body and mind that are exhausted with the daily work, and being recharged by the refreshing ‘DK’ with a ‘splash’. TV commercial will be shown !!!! from May onwards!!!!

In addition, the TV commercial song will be sung by Kim HyunJoong, displaying his refreshing powerful voice in addition to showing his gentle charm visually.

The brand manager said “The main target is on trendy and refined youths thus we have various marketing activities for ‘Dynamic Kin’ which is a new exploration to capture the youth market share.” Dynamic Kin (250ml) is sold at 750won.


Behind Joo Ji Hoon’s Drug use


Korean media outlets are starting to report what may have caused Joo Ji Hoon’s drug use. It seems to baffle many Koreans why such a popular top star would turn to drugs to end his career. Apparently critics have concluded his drug use was a tool for pleasure, pure leisure. His reason for using drugs was not due to being born with mental defects or stress from work.

Joo Ji Hoon rose to stardom after the MBC TV drama ‘Goong’ and even gained the attention as a star in Japan in the next-generation wave. There were no signs of stress, nervousness or edginess to the point falling into the temptations of drugs. His venue of choice to enjoy his drug parties were clubs where flashing lights and music enhanced his sensory experiences. Being doped up on E and cat tranquilizers might make a regular boys’ night out into a sweat fueled make out session with a tracksuit donning ugly on the dancefloor.

It was rumored that there were many celebrity drug parties at clubs. A club is a place where celebrities can party with each other and now with this case, it has been confirmed such things have happened.

Drugs are always popular among celebrities. Even up until 1980 singers such as Jo Yong Pil, Kim Seo Hwan, Shin Joong Hyun, Kim Soo Hui, Lee Seung Chul, and Kim Hyun Sik were caught using marijuana. MBC TV drama “Huh-Joon” top star Hwang Su Jung admitted she took drugs to enhance sexual pleasures.

Then in 1993, singer Hyun Jin Young was caught using methamphetamines and getting high off bond glue. Since then he has been in a downward spiral. Another case of methamphetamine abuse was in 1997, Jun In Gwan was caught and has been going in and out of jail ever since. He has composed over 40 songs during his stints in jail

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Perfect man Kim Hyun Joong has been viewed by his fans as perfect smiling prince

___Credits: –>(chinese subs) —> (english subs) Recently, at Kim Hyun Joong’s website, many fans left messages listing out areas which they find Hyun Joong attractive, and the majority of them agreed that his smile is near perfect. At the same time, this view is also shared by many plastic surgeons. Choi Hyun-ho, a plasitc surgeon who had helped many artists undergo dental surgery, commented that Hyun Joong’s smile is the most perfect among F4. Hyun Joong’s teeth are very neat and aligned, giving a feeling of elegance. In addition to his perfect teeth, his attractive lips when he smiles allow people not to resist his charms. Hyun Joong’s role in the drama Boys Over Flowers with a prince image further enhances the power of his smile. After the broadcasting of Boys Over Flowers, many audience of all ages, both men and women, went to dental centre to seek orthodontic correction so as to achieve the ‘Hyun Joong’ smile. Also, recently, people are enthusiastically setting Hyun Joong as a role model, hoping to increase their own charms. In fact, young people are not the only one crazy about Hyun Joong. The elders too have a very good impression on hyun Joong, and comment that Hyun Joong is the most filial and obediant celebrity. Actually, the sudden Hyun Joong craze is mainly due to his impregnable warm smiling face. After filming the drama, Boys Over Flowers, Hyun joong is busy with the filming photography advertisements. While enjoying his fame of being popular, he is currently prepraing to return as a singer and bring better works for everyone.

Lee Min Ho is scheduled for Surgery

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Actor Lee Min-ho will be having a surgery in June.

He has an iron brace being removed from his leg which he had since his car accident in 2006. He has it fixed in his leg for fixing his leg.

Lee was planning to have the surgery to remove the iron brace in his leg in May, however with overflowing work schedule he had no time to cancel anything.

He will need 2 weeks of rest after this surgery.

He has recently been in Sydney for a photoshoot and now he will continue his work until June.

Kim HeeChu is not only good in kissing boys

Looks like Sungmin isn’t the only one with talented hands because Super Junior’s Kim Heechul recently showed off his piano playing skills when he appeared as a special guest on Inkigayo for Jo Sung Mo’s performance of I Was Happy. Both have been doing well respectively, but it was surprising to see that Kim Heechul knew how to give a performance other than Super Junior songs and boy-on-boy making out. I almost expected another make out session with Jo Sung Mo, but I guess it didn’t fit the stage. I’m sure mini-Heechul was happy just fantasizing about it though, so it makes me wonder who the victim was when he went back home that night to the dorms…

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> Where do your favourite Kpop hits come from?

Ever wonder who are the people who push and influence the Kpop world? And who are the one who produce your favourite hits?

You see their names in news. The Brave Brother – you know they write for Son DamBi and Bae Seul Gi. And E-Tribe, their names came up when Hyori released her comeback song ‘U-Go-Girl’.

The Brave Brothers:

The name The Brave Brothers came up in the news often recently.

First for Son DamBi’s ‘Crazy’ and then ‘Saturday Night’, and after that for Bae Seul Gi’s ‘Tiresome’.

The fact is that The Brave Brothers is everywhere in Kpop world.

Big Bang
1. ‘Lies’ (Song arrangement)
2. ‘Last Farewell’ (Collaborate composition with GDragon|Song arrangement)
3. ‘Fool’ (Collaborate composition with GDragon|Song arrangement)
4. ‘Wonderful’ (Collaborate composition with GDragon and Perry)
5. ‘Crazy Dog’ (Sampling song, Collaborate composition with GDragon and Perry)
6. ‘Good Bye Baby’ (Collaborate composition with Perry|Song arrangement)
7. ‘Forever With You’ (Song arrangement)
8. ‘Big Boy’ (Collaborate composition with TOP)
9. ‘Shake It’ (Collaborate composition with GDragon|Song arrangement)
10. ‘Oh Ma Baby’ (Collaborate composition with GDragon|Song arrangement)
11. ‘ObNeun BeonHo’ (Collaborate composition with Perry|Song arrangement)
12. ‘As If Nothing Is Wrong’ (Collaborate composition with TOP|Song arrangement)
13. ‘Intro Hot Issue’ (Collaborate composition with GDragon|Song arrangement)
14. ‘Intro – Put your hands up’ (Collaborate composition with GDragon|Song arrangement)
15. ‘Victory Intro’ (Collaborate composition with GDragon|Song arrangement)

Brown Eyed Girls

1. ‘What To Do’ (Song composition|Collaborate song arrangment with DdolAee Park)

After School
1. ‘Diva’ (Lyrics|Composition|Song Arrangement)
2. ‘AH’ (Lyrics|Collaborate composition with ‘War with the stars’|Song arrangement)
3. ‘Bad Guy’ (Composition|Song Arrangement)
4. ‘PLAY GIRLZ’ (Composition)

Son DamBi
1. ‘Bad boy’ (Lyrics|Composition|Song Arrangement)
2. ‘Crazy’ (Collaborate lyrics with Eric|Composition|Song Arrangement)
3. ‘Saturday Night’ (Lyrics|Composition|Song Arrangement)

1. ‘Above the sky’ (Collaborate composition with Perry|Song Arrangement)
2. ‘Dry your tears and do your makeup’ (Collaborate composition with Perry|Song Arrangement)
3. ‘Big Lexy’ (Collaborate composition with Perry|Song Arrangement)

U Kiss

1. ‘Talk to me’ (Lyrics|Collaborate composition with Elephant Kingdom|Song Arrangement)
2. ‘Like You’ (Collaborate lyrics with Maboos|Composition|Collaborate song arrangement with OlBbaeMi)
3. ‘Not Young’ (Composition|Song arrangement)
4. ‘Give It To Me’ (Collaborate lyrics with Elephant Kingdom|Composition|Song arrangement)

1. ‘Step by step’ (Lyrics|Composition|Song Arrangement)
2. ‘BIG CHANGE’ (Composition|Song Arrangement)
3. ‘LUV U’ (Composition|Song Arrangement)

Lee Min Woo
1. ‘Don’t Believe Men’ (Lyrics|Composition|Song Arrangement)

Bae Seul Gi
1. ‘Tiresome’ (Lyrics|Composition)
2. ‘DJ’ (Lyrics|Collaborate composition with Black Soul)

1. ‘Mianhaeyo’ (Song Arrangement)
2. ‘Looking at the mirror’ (Composition|Song Arrangement)
3. ‘Last Party’ (Song Arrangement)
4. ‘Until here’ (Collaborate composition with Skul1|Song arrangement)

Masta Wu
1. ‘Kkeom’ (Composition|Song Arrangement)
2. ‘Come back’ (Song Arrangement)
3. ‘Miss Hyori’ (Song Arrangement)
4. ‘Seoul’ (Song Arrangement)
5. ‘WooLalala’ (Composition|Song Arrangement)
6. ‘Cry’ (Composition|Song Arrangement)

1. ‘Dry your tears’ (Lyrics|Composition)
2. ‘Dancing Shoes’ (Lyrics|Composition)

1. ‘Lalala’ Remix (Song Arrangement)
2. ‘All Night Long’ (Song Arrangement)
3. ‘Interlude’ (Collaborate composition with Perry|Song arrangement)
4. ‘Love Story’(Song Arrangement)
5. ‘Oh My Girl’ (Composition|Song Arrangement)
6. ‘Run’ (Collaborate composition with Perry|Song arrangement)

Kim Dong Wan
1. ‘Secret’ (Lyrics|Composition|Song Arrangement)

Another group of great music producers in the industry – E Tribe

Down the list with some of their productions:
So Nyeo Shi Dae
1. ‘Gee’ (Lyrics|Composition)

Super Junior

‘It’s You’ (Lyrics|Composition)

1. ‘I Know’ (Composition)

Lee Hyori
1. ‘U-Go-Girl’ (Lyrics|Composition|Song Arrangement)
2. ‘Slave’ (Lyrics|Composition)

Um Jung Hwa
1. ‘Kiss Me’ (Lyrics|Composition)


1. ‘Yoreullei’ (Lyrics|Composition)

1. ‘Say My Name’ (Collaborate lyrics with Nassun and KilMi|Composition)
2. ‘Come and Play’ (Collaborate lyrics with Nassun|Composition)
3. ‘It’s you’ (Collaborate lyrics with Nassun| Collaborate compositiong with Jang Joon Ho)

LET’S GET IT PARTY (Composition)

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Actor Jeong Ji-hoon aka Rain’s first poster for Hollywood film, “Ninja Assassin” is released!

The film will be released this coming Thanksgiving Season in November.

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