Inside Ji Ho sunbae’s bag


What does Boys Before Flowers’ Ji-hoo sunbae (Kim Hyun-joong) carry in his bag?

In the 4th issue of HIGH CUT (하이컷) magazine, an article features the contents of Ji-hoo sunbae’s bag. Currently the most popular (and most handsome?) of the ss501 guys, Kim Hyun Joong’s bag contents is a hot topic.

So what’s in Ji-hoo’s bag?

* Samsung Anycall’s Haptic mobile phone – although he appears in the CF, Hyun-joong claims to have bought this phone with his own money
* A pair of stylish Louis Vuitton sunglasses
* Kiehls Lip Balm to keep his lips moist and kissable
* KRW 10,000 in his wallet
* A folded t-shirt
* 80 GB iPod touch

About High Cut Magazine

High Cut is a new magazine in South Korea. It cost KRW300 and is sold at most convenient stores in Korea. The first cover featured Lee Min-ho. Second issue featured Kim Hyun-Joong on the cover. Co-star Kim So-eun also appeared in a photo spread of the magazine 3rd issue. This magazine seems to be very pro-Boys Before Flowers and have been featuring one star from the drama or another in their issues so far. I guess they know what readers want and give it to them!

Credit: Kpopped!